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May 18, 2019
Mar 23, 2015
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Tucson, AZ
Film Maker, Musician

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ruben ruiz

Member, Male, from Tucson, AZ

The nights are getting away from me? Apr 19, 2015

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May 18, 2019
    1. ruben ruiz
      ruben ruiz
      The nights are getting away from me?
    2. ruben ruiz
      ruben ruiz
      I breath through one spike then theres another and another. I take one lorazapam. Im thinking of taking more. Im sick of crying and hurtng.
    3. ruben ruiz
      ruben ruiz
      Having great difficulty...
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    Tucson, AZ
    Film Maker, Musician
    Tinnitus Since:
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    I believe it was meds and stress
    A series of events led to my status.
    During this time I took Cipro for a stomach problem. This was followed by Sertraline and Lexa Pro. I ended up with Vertigo. Some days later I experienced the first tone of T. The H came later.
    I ended up with horrific anxiety. Im going on three years.
    I got habituated then the T/H got worse. Im having big trouble getting used to the new level. I got laid off and Im having trouble working much less leaving the house. Ive tried T retraining (to expensive) Homeopathic,
    acupuncture, and ENTs. The only thing that works is getting out of the house and leave on little local trips and meds. I love hate the meds.
    Addiction is a real bummer. I have chronic insomnia from the illness.
    I feel that's the worst part of this experience.

    A few years ago life was great. I was working, in love, had a beautiful ranch in Northern Mexico (pure wilderness) playing good guitar music, been playing since I was a kid. I stopped playing electric guitar in my mid 20s so I dont feel it was music that caused the T/H. Ive only played acustic guitars. I always knew that health was a key to a happy life.
    I ate good food, didn't drink or smoke -only smoked pot once in a blue moon.
    My girlfriend begged me not to take the Cipro. I should have just gone through the illness and taken pro-biotics. They call Tinnitus a secondary nueropathy, I call it a different kind of hell. Ive seen beauty
    greatness, wondrous nature and beautiful people Tinnitus cant take that away.

    I consider everyone on Tinnitus Talk a friend, brother and sister.
    God bless.