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    1. Biaxca
      Hi there, I wanted to reach out to you. You posted four years ago that ritrovil helped resolve your middle ear myoclonus, can I ask what your symptoms were that it helped resolve and how long it took, do you still take it? Thanks so much, also if you have tinitus what medications or treatments etc have you used that worked for you
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      2. Sleaford Mod
        Sleaford Mod
        Hi Biaxca, my symptom consisted of a sporadic thump in my left ear that would happen a couple of times a minute. It took about 3 months to resolve on the couple of occasions that I had it for a while. I was treated by Gerald Brookes, a Harley Street consultant who knows about the condition. He put me on low doses of Rivotril for (I think it was for a couple of months). It definitely seemed to help.
        Dec 5, 2022
      3. Sleaford Mod
        Sleaford Mod
        I suffered no side effects or withdrawal symptoms after I stopped taking Rivotril. It has not returned for over two years. Also have extremely loud, bilateral tinnitus but a stoic attitude is all that helps with that.
        Dec 5, 2022
    2. Damocles
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      2. aura
        Jan 18, 2022
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      3. Damocles
        In the end Dobrică won
        Jan 18, 2022
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      4. aura
        Yes, but he cheated!
        Jan 18, 2022
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    3. Maddie C
      Maddie C
      Good morning I am new to this forum & read your recommendation of Jon K Zinn’s book. I am a fan of Audible books as I run. Do you think paperback is best? Blessings
      1. Sleaford Mod
        Sleaford Mod
        Hi Maddie, it’s difficult to tell as I have never listened to Audiobooks. But either should be fine.
        May 24, 2021
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