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Jun 26, 2014
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Nov 24, 2017 at 1:01 PM
    1. Richard kuzma
      Richard kuzma
      You have on for awhile not sure on how to post so I can get replys had ear tube surgery no i got tinnitus
      Have anybody had the same problem
    2. Andreas11
      Its Andre from the Netherlands again :)
      A lot of Lyme tests are totally not trusted. A lot of false positive or false negative
      Borrelia Extended Culture Test (BEA) Is the best test for Lyme at the moment 95% trusted

      Stay strong!
    3. Andreas11
      Hi Telis, I also have Tinnitus as well as extreme fatigue and a lot more. Recently after a seeing a lot of medical doctors wo all told me that it could not be Lyme and have to live with it. I just did not trust them and did a Ltt Lyme test in Germany. And after the test it is clear that i have Lyme disease and now i found the cause of my symptoms! Did you have a trusted test for Lyme?
    4. Mjtm77
      Is there a way to send a PM to you or no?
    5. PaulBe
      @Telis yours sounds more like tts which usually happene when you have H and its different to MEM.

      What do you think she meant? I'm at a loss.
      1. Dana likes this.
    6. Markku
      It seems I'm the first person on your profile! I love that dog of yours (?). It's a French Bulldog? Surely good companion during rough times. Better than humans even! I just had my sister's dog for a week here and it was quite nice having him here. Seeing you've been here for quite a long time already, and as far as I know, continue to struggle (like myself), I wanted to wish you a better 2016. :)
      1. invictus and Dana like this.
      2. Telis
        Yeah she's pretty special, kind of a life saver for me as of late. She is actually a Boston terroir. I guess she does look like a French bull dog though, I think it's her massive round ears. She is 8 years old, I've had her since she was a pup.

        Thanks for the message mate, I really hope things get easier for you as well in 2016.
        Jan 16, 2016
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