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Dec 14, 2017
Dec 14, 2017
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the Jalombian

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magic mushrooms cured me Dec 14, 2017

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Dec 14, 2017
    1. DingDong
      Hey brother -
      How is the ringing now after the magic mushrooms -
      Care to chat
    2. milan80
      Hi Jalombian, are you seroius about curing your chronic noice induced tinnitus by magic mushrooms, how much did you take and most important is there any special website to get these from? Many thanks.
    3. Sean Williams
      Sean Williams
      Hey Jalombian - how is it now? Has it had a lasting effect? Still cured? I produce music too and its ruined my music production / DJing life.

      Rafahyperacusis - what happened in the end? Did it end up working?
    4. Rafahyperacusis
      Hello, I've tried a microdoose of psilocybin (0.4) yesterday and It worsened my H, Do you know if this could be just a temporary side effect or It could last? :(
    5. the Jalombian
      the Jalombian
      magic mushrooms cured me
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      2. Benoves
        They are really magic, Can u order me some too? :)
        Dec 14, 2017
      3. infinity
        hey fellow dj., have similar history and would like to know more., festivals car audio pro audio and so on., let me know how to reach out to you., thanks- jack : Toronto
        Mar 18, 2021
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    Tinnitus Since:
    October 2016
    Cause of Tinnitus:
    loud music festivals, working in a club