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These should go under conversations. I'll start a new one with you there. Oct 30, 2019

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Jan 25, 2020 at 8:29 PM
    1. Stillsearching
      That's great news! How are you feeling?
    2. Stillsearching
      Awesome thank you! Hopefully we get some answers here. Would stenosis or other issues Lea to other symptoms possibly? Brain fog perhaps?
    3. Stillsearching
      Will do. My doctor just ordered a cta angiogram. Will this be useful? I pushed for Mrs but he got advice this is the best route. I'll look into the doctor you recommended.
    4. Stillsearching
      Hey sorry I'm not sure why I can't respond to the conversation directly. I live just outside of boston. My pulsatile tinnitus has been around for a while, when I apply pressure to the artery behind my ear it directly impacts my PT. Light pressure will change the sound, and more pressure will completely stop the sound.What kinda specialist do you recommend I seek out?
    5. Stillsearching
      Hey there you seem like you're the person to talk with. I've reached out to my primary to get an mra but he's confused why I would need that. What steps would you recommend I take to get one approved? Is it better to start with mrv or mra? Thanks so much for all you're help
    6. Debidebs
      Thank you for your post. I’ve been seen by an ENT consultant who recommended a MRA & MRV but when I went they did an MRI IAM which of course was NAD!
    7. tiniturtle
      These should go under conversations. I'll start a new one with you there.
    8. Deniseh

      I live in Scotland

      How do I get a referral for this, do I go to the doctor first?
      Who do you get referred to is it ENT or neurologist?
      My sounds like a hum in my left ear but if I press my neck nearr my ear it changes and slows down, also changes when I’m in the shower, I thought this could be down to bp but do you think it could be a venous hum caused by PT

      Any info welcome x
    9. DangEars
      I saw your post on pulsatile tinnitus and was wondering if you would be willing to share information about the specialist you saw. I don't know if the ENT I saw knew what they were dealing with.
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