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Mar 13, 2020
Mar 13, 2020
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Member, Male, from USA

Tinnitus has ruined my life. Mar 13, 2020

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Mar 13, 2020
    1. TortureChamber
      Tinnitus has ruined my life.
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    Cause of Tinnitus:
    Long-term antibiotics
    Have always hated loud noises - and have no history of concerts or listening to loud music. Regularly wore earmuffs because I've always had some degree of hyperacusis - so avoided loud sounds.

    Developed a lung infection called MAC (Mycobacterium Avium Complex) at age 29 (despite having zero risk factors - never smoked, never used drugs, healthy immune function - confirmed by immunologist, and normal lung function - confirmed with spirometry testing - go figure).

    Prior to treatment had zero tinnitus and exceptional hearing.

    Administered a combination of azithromycin (500 mg), ethambutol (1200 mg), and rifampin (600 mg) - 3x/week for ~16 months to date.

    The entire treatment (even prior to treatment) I used a combination of supplements (NAC, magnesium citrate/threonate/glycinate, taurine, vitamin C, vitamin D3, alpha-lipoic acid, ubiquinol) in combination with nutrient-dense foods (rich in vitamin A & E) in attempt to prevent/minimize likelihood of ototoxicity during antibiotic therapy.

    Developed a very faint tinnitus in left ear ~3 days following influenza vaccine (September 2019) and it initially drove me crazy - sounded like wind blowing/whistling. "Habituated" to it after several months.

    Early Mach 2020 I developed a higher pitched ringing in both ears with what I'd describe as some sort of jingling/tambourine-like noise with an electrical-type buzz that's still relatively faint, but extremely anxiety-inducing.

    As of current, I'm panicking because I need to finish 18 months of treatment AND I may not even be cured of my lung disease. Can no longer focus on work and been contemplating suicide due to the fact that I may lose more hearing and develop louder/more intrusive ringing.

    I'm highly impressed with this community, but fear that I may not be able to enjoy the future.

    Plus I have the looming fear of a potential return of my lung condition... have been deeply depressed/suicidal because I've done everything in my power to prevent hearing loss/tinnitus for most of my life - and I end up with it... seems like I'm locked in my head (a torture chamber) with no escape.