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Revisiting a Friend of Tinnitus Talk — Dr. Josef Rauschecker

Revisiting with the first ever guest of the podcast, Hazel speaks with Dr. Rauschecker about how we can quickly get new tinnitus medications to market, tinnitus and sleep, what he thinks of psychological treatments for tinnitus, and more.

Can Sound Silence Tinnitus?

Maybe you heard of sound therapy devices like Neuromonics, Desyncra, and SoundCure? Or more recently, Lenire? Hazel talks to Steve Harrison, a musician and audiophile who has suffered from severe tinnitus for decades. Steve knows all about the use of sound for tinnitus relief.

The Man Who Donated a Million Dollars to Tinnitus Research

Meet the man who donated a million dollars to tinnitus research. Brian Fargo is a successful video game developer who tried out every possible treatment for his tinnitus before deciding he needed to be part of the solution.