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Hearing Lost and Found — Frequency Therapeutics

This is your chance to learn all about the hearing regeneration treatment FX-322 being developed by Frequency Therapeutics. We spoke with Carl LeBel about the promising results of their Phase 1 trial, the potential benefits for tinnitus, why speech intelligibility should be the primary measure of hearing, and when the drug might reach the market.

Reviving Retigabine for Tinnitus — Thanos Tzounopoulos, PhD

A drug to quieten your tinnitus, that’s what Thanos Tzounopoulos, PhD, is working on. The drug targets potassium ion channels in the brain. These channels – or so the theory goes – are compromised in tinnitus patients, thus triggering the neural hyperactivity perceived as tinnitus. In spite of trials and tribulations in getting the drug ready for clinical trials, Thanos is optimistic about his chances for success.

Coronavirus Special: Tinnitus in Times of Quarantine

In this special compilation episode, you’ll hear from four people with tinnitus, as well as a researcher and an audiologist, about tinnitus experiences during the Coronavirus crisis. How has the stress of the crisis impacted people’s tinnitus? Can the Coronavirus cause tinnitus to aggravate? What kind of support is available for people struggling during this time?