Can Sound Silence Tinnitus?

Maybe you heard of sound therapy devices like Neuromonics, Desyncra, and SoundCure? Or more recently, Lenire? Hazel talks to Steve Harrison, a musician and audiophile who has suffered from severe tinnitus for decades. Steve knows all about the use of sound for tinnitus relief.

The Man Who Donated a Million Dollars to Tinnitus Research

Meet the man who donated a million dollars to tinnitus research. Brian Fargo is a successful video game developer who tried out every possible treatment for his tinnitus before deciding he needed to be part of the solution.

Objectifying Tinnitus — The Bionics Institute

Tinnitus has always seemed ungraspable; you hear something that others do not. How can we measure this objectively? The Bionics Institute believes they can. If they are right, this would be a breakthrough in supporting the development of better treatments for tinnitus.

Visual Snow and Tinnitus — Phantom Phenomena

The two conditions are eerily similar: visual snow and tinnitus. The patient experience is often one of being misunderstood, and research is in its infancy. What can be done? Two pioneers in this field, patient advocate Sierra Domb and neurologist Dr. Peter Goadsby, talk about their incredible experiences in trying to push the envelope for visual snow sufferers.

Tinnitus and the Power of Prediction — Dr. Will Sedley

This episode will give you a deeper understanding of the different models that explain the brain mechanisms underlying tinnitus. Dr Will Sedley outlines his own theory, based on predictive processing. We also cover issues like how to develop an objective marker of tinnitus and the thorny topic of whether tinnitus subtypes really exist or not.

Hearing Lost and Found — Frequency Therapeutics

This is your chance to learn all about the hearing regeneration treatment FX-322 being developed by Frequency Therapeutics. We spoke with Carl LeBel about the promising results of their Phase 1 trial, the potential benefits for tinnitus, why speech intelligibility should be the primary measure of hearing, and when the drug might reach the market.