1/10th of 1 Percent of the U.S. Budget for Space Exploration, Would Solve the Problem of Tinnitus

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      ''The main problem with tinnitus research is not the shortage of ideas; it is the lack of money to fund them. If 1/10th of 1 per cent of the U.S. budget for space exploration were devoted to tinnitus research, the problem of tinnitus would be solved in short order.''

      from an old book by Jack A. Vernon, 'Tinnitus: questions and answers''.

      Isn't it sad? We went on the Moon to find nothing, we sent ultra-expensive robots on Mars to find nothing and bring back some useless dirt, while people are battling with all kind of problems, including tinnitus.
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      The only reason I find spending money on space exploration acceptable is that the humans will in the end destroy Earth and we need another place to live in.
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