12 hr Flight to China.. support and advice

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      Hello all,

      In a few weeks i have a 12 hr flight to China for work. I am in panic mode regarding my T and this flight. Right now its at a high pitched EEE sound that is all day & night. This is the first time i have ever gotten T, and so far i am in my 4th week (i believe this is stressed induced T, because it came suddenly when laying in bed). It may go way before the trip ( i am praying it happens) the sound seems to be resonating in my head more then my ear now. I am not sure it will ever go away and am starting to accept this fact.. most of the time i try not to think about it and currently have been using a white noise machine at night to sleep.

      For anyone who has traveled a great distance.. has this made your T spike? any suggestions regarding airplane travel. The last thing i want todo is be over the ocean and freak out because my T is so bad.

      Any advice?
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      Sorry to hear about your T spike... glad you're coping okay. Whenever I'm flying long distances I always use earplugs for the whole journey and never have a problem. I use foam plugs if I'm trying to sleep (30db reduction) or Alpine Musicsafe (20db reduction) when awake so I can converse etc.

      Hope this helps!
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      Hi there, there is another thread on the front page regarding flying and tinnitus that has some useful advice: https://www.tinnitustalk.com/threads/flying.5570/

      Back when my tinnitus was mild and easily covered by white noise I made that 12 - 14 hour flight to China 3 different times and had no issues. My tinnitus was unaffected though if you are concerned you should see your GP or ENT beforehand to make sure your eustachian tubes are working properly and you have no sign of sinus inflammation or infection. Better to be safe than sorry when it comes to T.

      I haven't flown in years as allergies have made my ears congested to some degree or another and from what I understand flying with a blocked ear is just asking for trouble. If you don't have these problems you should be okay but again, if you are at all uncertain it's best to check with the professionals first.

      When I did have to fly I would make sure to stay on my allergy meds and Nasonex to keep my ears feeling ok. I saw another poster in the above linked thread used Sudafed and Afrin combined with ear plugs on his trip. Whatever works for you though be careful with the Afrin as using it for more than a day or two can cause some seriously bad rebound problems.

      Oh yes, and definitely bring ear plugs! If you get seated near the engines it will be a rather uncomfortable trip and who knows what the loud noise could do to your T.

      Best of luck and have a good trip!
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