15 Years with Severe Tinnitus and Finally Got Disablilty Coverage!

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    1. Terry Proveau

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      Had a severe attack of vertigo in January 2001 and was completely 100% deaf in my right ear within 24 hours and have had severe tinnitus in that side of my head/ear ever since. MRI showed no tumor. Two specialists say no cure and probably will not reoccur in the left ear.
      My tinnitus was most likely caused by shingles in my inner ear which damaged the auditory nerve at the inner ear connection site next to the cochlea. The tinnitus is very very loud and very high pitched, being a perceived sound similar to a dog whistle, just low enough in pitch to be heard by me. After working full time for 3 years with this condition 2001 to 2003 I could no longer work full time. I basically fell apart from stress, anxiety, and depression. The tinnitus is so loud that it gives me constant pain response. Have tried many meds from my doctor however nothing helped and the anti-depressants were no fun getting off of.
      After trying several different jobs both full time and part time over the neat 7 years and applying for Canada Pension disability 3 times I finally was deemed not gainfully employable and given CPP disability to the tune of about $800/month. I thank God my wife is so supportive and has a good job as a nurse. So if you are having this severe of a time with tinnitus keep all your doctors visits, paper trail, employment records etc. up and apply for disability over and over again as it usually takes a few attempts and a good spouse/friend, doctor and employer(s) that will fill out paper work properly. Of course my income has been severely diminished by this which affects my retirement etc. I am now almost 60 years of age.
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    2. Karl28

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      2001 bad since 2015
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      Loud music via headphones
      $800 a month isnt that much ?
    3. AUTHOR
      Terry Proveau

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      No it's not. Better than nothing I guess. I also do some part time computer repair and can make an additional $5000/year without affecting my disability payments. It's a start I guess as few ever get any disability for tinnitus.
    4. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      Shingles that's tough
      Had it last year in my torso and it wasn't fun - lasted 2 weeks but again I was late , too late to seek treatment thinking it will go away on its own
      I read people have it on their faces and even go blind
      First time I heard about hearing loss

      Zinc is important to fend off the virus

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