18 Years Old: Weird Noise in Ear

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by liamedwards1, Oct 11, 2015.

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      Hi guys new to the thread! my name is Liam from UK 18 years of age. Got weird noise in ear seeing docs on Wednesday, should I be worried? not wax related but I think I have ear infection behind ear drum.
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      not sure
      Welcome. Don't worry. Worry leads to anxiety and stress which are toxic to T. Your T is very new. The doctor or ENT may be able to find the problem and take care of it. Some T are caused by underlying medical related problem. So once the problem is rectified, then T can disappear or fade. Keep us updated on your doctor visit and perhaps we have more info to help us advise you better.

      If you are having problem with the sound, masking is a good way to help. Try this TT thread for its audio player with many nice masking sounds. It also has step by step instructions for people new to T. Good luck and God bless.


      (the icons on the left side give you instructions step by step)

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