2 Weeks in Hell

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      November 19. Ringing in the ears. I hated it. But it was strange, it was not constant. If I managed to sleep it was weaker the next day. But it got stronger during the day and very strong before sleep. very strange pattern? today it was not there but if I think of the sound it will come. but since november 19 i have not sleep well. i tried to familirize the sound. it got a little bit weaker but still it is there. it is like high ringing in the left ear and a little bit lowwer in the right ear, but still wery unpleasent. i hate this tinnitus thing. please excuse bad english but i am sure you understand :) maybe it will go away. very unpleasent.
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      Still unknown... possibly noise exposure?
      How long have you had tinnitus for now?

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