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      Viral Labyrinthitis
      Hi guys,

      I guess I'm looking for reassurance/opinions/hope. I know T can be very varied which affects the outlook so I'll try to be as specific as possible.

      I'm a 25yo female with no history of related problems. My vertigo started suddenly 9 weeks ago - it wasn't violent, but did make me feel horrendous to the point where I walked out on a family meal and searched the streets until I found an open pharmacy. Took some anti-vertigo tablets for about a week then read it actually hinders recovery so stopped. Ever since then it's been getting milder and milder and hoping I'll make a full recover has kept me going. Doc advised me probs viral labyrinthitis following a sore throat.

      Then 8 days ago I suddenly noticed tinnitus in my left ear - high-pitched, ringing/whilstling, and inaudible except in a quiet room such as doing work or in bed. I've been getting by each night on playing relaxation music to mask it, and avoiding prolonged silence by humming to myself when in a quiet place.

      I spoke to my GP (family doc) on the phone who wants to refer to ENT but do not have GP appointment for 2 more weeks, then will have to wait for referral appointment.

      I took it upon myself to get a free hearing test (audiogram) today which confimed NO associated hearing loss.

      I managed 8 weeks of the residual vertigo with a sense of determination and patience but this last week of T I have broken into tears 3 times, even on the bus.

      My fear is that it will never go. I have some really important exams in May and after finally feeling that I was nearly over the Labyrinthitis this has come as a huge emotional blow.

      You folks are the experiential experts so if you have any thoughts on my chances of recovery then that would be really helpful.

      Thanks for reading!
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      Sorry I'm no expert, especially when it comes to vertigo, but we have a lot of experts here on the board, so welcome, just wait for the answers to come! For T 8 days is let's say fresh so there is a good chance that it will go away on its own but you should visit an ENT. As far as I know there can be a lot of things causing vertigo so keep going with the doctors. Pretty sure you will handle your T much better as soon as the wheel stops spinning. Good luck!
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      ...found this on Facebook, maybe it's helpful!

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      I have vertigo, it is over now. Why, I was so dizzy for about 3 weeks, it left me.
      It stange case of tinnitus going around. I am much better now. I have the flu,
      this is 50 days of tinnitus. It was a whistling tea pot. Double Ears. I did not know
      nothing at the beginning. I was taking tyenol. It did nothing. I pick up a tip of
      Advil, it take away the tinnitus. Remember tinnitus from the flu, I am still on the pills. Remember, I went to emergency, they did nothing. Told me to take advil, really. I am not kidding you. I am getting well every day. I was dizzy, I have not been out of the house in a month or so. Now I am going out sometimes, I feel so good. Secret, Please go for walks, no matter how bad you feel. Try the heating pad, heat is for the ears. I did hot water bottles, vicks, steaming, (under the blankets). to clear the sinus. I bought an ear popper to pop your ears. I don't know if it works or not. It is susposed to be for my condition. My advice get into ent as soon as possible. Pay for it. I went to 3 different doctors, and the emergency room. They did nothing. Don't get the flu. Take zinc. That secret of not getting colds and flu. Any questions, going to the doctor is a dead end in my case. This is my opinion, my experience. Take your condition as a job, get well.
      I got a tinnitus journal myself. These sounds give me headaches. They hurted my ears. I have an ear ache for 50 days, That is what the hot water bottles is for.
      If you are eating, please eat some food. I have no appetite after getting this.
      It will pass and you will get better. Any questions. Heat is good for the ears.
      Heat takes the tinnitus out in my case. But it does spike up when you do not have the heat on it.
      If you can not walk, sit outside for awhile. Fresh air is a healer too.
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      Ear Infection
      It was 3 years ago when I quit an IT company because of severe work load, completely depressed, I left job without finding, the last day of my reliving...vertigo kicked in, followed by Tinnitus, I had tinnitus for 2 years, and Vertigo was a tricky one, I couldn't keep my head to the right side of my pillow when sleeping, but since the last 6 months I have been doing weights and cardio, sometimes there are hormonal changes that happens to our Body, from a weak and fragile body I have physically improved endurance, strength and along with this Tinnitus and Vertigo has completely vanished, also I live in a city where summer can get as hot as 39 degree celsius.

      I would suggest you to take up some sport activity, and try to keep yourself warm, doctors, medicins are not really going to help, we have to mentally and physically help ourselves, find the position where you're comfortable where vertigo does not trigger, stick to that position as often as you can.
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      not sure
      Sorry about your suffering with T. This is what most people fear and then anxiety and stress hit the roof to cause T to shoot up too. The best way is to not cave into this lie from the T bully. Instead try your best to stay calm that things will get better. That is why we have so many success stories. It takes time and some good strategies. You read up the story to learn some insights and strategies, and then copy success by emulating those insights. Don't waste time in negativity which will generate more anxiety to aggravate T. Take care God bless.
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