4.5 Months (Will Update)

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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      Virus/ no clue
      Can hear (slightly) tinnitus at 30 dB and under (at camp/chirping birds/whir of lake noise 7-10 am) moderately quiet.

      In left ear is a low hum (first sound ever acquired, along with what sounds like my blood rushing through veins when I sit or stand, this sound buzzes or vibrates my whole head and is like a drone sound).

      In right ear is a metallic drone sound, slightly high pitched but also low pitched, like vibrating metal rods. Also in right ear a VERY high pitched oscillating chirping sound like an insect rubbing it's wings together.

      Behind both ears (could be a head noise) is an overall static sound with inconsistent pattern and moves so quickly it’s infuriating.

      So 5 sounds altogether @/between 0-40 decibels.

      Anything above 40 decibels is a high pitched reactive tinnitus ring in both ears like an EEEEE sound with static and electric zaps which appear several times a minute.

      Exactly 4.5 months in.

      Driving car, walking in town, air conditioning and anything white noise sounding spikes my tinnitus aggressively.

      Tinnitus spikes can take anywhere from 10 minutes to thirty minutes to settle down after any noise exposure above 40 dB for one minute or longer.
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