4 Months and I'm Losing It Today!

Discussion in 'Support' started by terry123, Apr 15, 2013.

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      Exercise and supplements, Swim and Startover and do it again!!! I am overcome with lack of sleep and my world I have called friends I have done all I can to accept this T.

      I have a bottle of Lorezapem, but am a recovering benzo addict and know the hell tp be paid for a few hoours of sleep. I don,t want to take them. I guess it is off to the pool and swim, listen to the T and hope I will finally habituate to the T.

      I no longer expect a cure I just want to accept this hell and do the best I can every day to do and be a positive influence and the best person I can be for Now. I have read of the struggles with meds and am toughing it out and oing the best job of coping I can. Please omeone tell me it get better than this as I am just hangin on for todat!!!
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      Hello Terry,

      I am so sorry. I know what you are going through and how difficult it is. I wish I could help you somehow but there really is no other advice than just to withstand this hardship. My tinnitus started 9 months ago and I had really many ups and downs. It takes some people a couple of months, others might need even a year, but in the end everyone gets better. I can promise you that habituation is possible. Months ago, if somebody told me that I will reach the point where I would stop noticing my T because I no longer care whether I have it or not, I would not have believed that. It really felt like the end of the world to me back then. No I can enjoy life once again and I am sure you too will soon.

      It is definitely good that you try to make yourself busy, go out with friends etc. In the beginning, when I felt most anxious, I used a portable mp3 player with various kinds of white noise (wind blowing, ocean waves, forest rain etc.) and I used it at minimum volume whenever I needed to calm down. Perhaps try that too if you can? It really helped me. I could set it up to turn off automatically after an hour and start reading a book in bed. The next thing I remembered was waking up in the morning with some nice hours of good sleep. Just stay positive and find your way to beat T!

      Also, I am sorry for my english. I think I got it all wrong up there. Past tense, present perfect and all that jazz is really my weak point...:eek:

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      terry, your words sound so honest. I'm new to the T world myself, Hate it. Sunday was bad and cold. I'm convinced it seems unchangeable in me. Yet today, came home from work, when my mind was interested in other things, I felt distracted, felt better for short time. I hope I sleep too. If I could only train my mind to ignore it.
      terry I hope you find some peace and get better, a 1 mile swim is fantastic,
      also TY Fish for the support.

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