4 Year Tinnitus Anniversary Celebration

Discussion in 'Support' started by dan, Aug 25, 2015.

    1. dan

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      After a gruelling 4 years with catastrophic tinnitus, rivalling only to Viking's (according to qEEG), I am proud to say that I am still alive.

      And now I celebrate with a little catchy russian song by a popular Chansón band:

      Bumer - Doktor propishi mne travu

      (I did my best with russian translation)

      Something happens, my nerves are fraying
      Filled myself with Vodka thats the saying
      I have no mood I feel down
      Hands are shaking hangover town
      Wth is with me? Maybe Im sick?
      I gotta go see the doctor quick quick!

      Doctor prescribe me some weed man
      I aint gonna smoke it, Im gonna steep it..

      The doctor writes something quietly,
      And pays me no attention
      Oh what secret remedy will be my salvation ....?
      ....and at the pharmacist's window,
      A heartless white coat hands me the prescription
      Chamomile tea is the description
      Doc give me some weed, i promise not to smoke it,
      But to steep

      Tea with Chamomile is not a treatment,
      But an utter bad mistreatment
      Its good I have a loyal friend, not vile-
      At my neighbor's house, Arkadii, there is some "Afghan Chamomile"

      My "doctor" has prescribed me some weed!
      I never steeped but smoked it right
      Sitting here high as a kite.

      And my soul ascends to sky,
      As my ailments waved goodbye....

      But my heart sank, when the cops, threw us in the monkey tank
      Now Im sitting smoking in my cell ,thinking life is going well....
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    2. valeri

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      "Congrats" Dan!
      I'll be joining the party on 12th of September:(
    3. Martin69

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      (Health) Anxiety
      @dan @valeri
      And I'll be in about 6 weeks (2 year anniversary).
      Yes, Dan. Congrats for being alive. Surviving loud T such a long time is one of the most difficult things I can imagine.
      Let's hope one day we will have relief.
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    4. Dante500

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      Who is Viking ? Is he a fellow T sufferer on these forums ?
    5. billie48

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      not sure
      Congrats @dan. It is not an easy task to live with your nasty T for that long and you did it. This shows perseverance and stamina of character. Your story proves that T is not an end game even though the journey can be tough. And you have come to those who truly suffered severely trying to help them while you are in such suffering. I still remember your work with Paulm & Englishsettler plus that Skype group you led back then. That is admirable. Even though our approach can be different, I show respect when respect is due. Thanks.
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