5 Months and It's Worse

Discussion in 'Support' started by Swannys, Apr 9, 2018.

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      Hi I have had this monster for 5 months now!!

      I know it's not that long but after the first couple of months of constant panic attacks and suicidal thoughts, I did get the odd day where my tinnitus was very low and there were even times when I didn't notice it for minutes and I really though "this is it"

      I'm making progress, getting better. But for the last 3 weeks it has stayed at a very loud, intrusive and bothersome level.

      I was able to sleep about a month ago and it really was improving but I can't sleep again now and I am so hopeless again.

      I take 60mg fluoxetine and sometimes a sleeping pill, I am practising mindfulness meditation and go to yoga and pilates.

      Please can any one offer any support or advice I really am struggling and just feel hopeless again.
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      I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. I am just starting on month 4.

      Have you tried or thought about doing some out-patient work (IOP)? Basically it's CBT and DBT. It will not get rid of your tinnitus but it will help you cope better.

      As far as sleeping I have some suggestions:

      1. Use the bedroom only for sleeping. AKA No TV or anything.
      2. If you lay in bed for 30 mins get out of it and go do something else that distractions your mind and return once you are more calm and not ruminating.
      3. Take a hot/warm shower or bath before going to bed as this can be relaxing.
      4. Use a fan or some other white nose in the bedroom. I play my phone w/portable speakers.
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      Hey! You have had tinnitus about as long as I have.
      I have had tinnitus for 6 months.
      I am so sorry your having a rough time.
      I know everyone’s tinnitus is different but I feel your pain.
      I still have my moments of hopelessness, but not as much as I use too did.
      I just try to stay positive! Because no matter what happens we are fighters, I can get thru this and so can you :)
      I try to keep my mind occupied. I play video games and it seems to keep me busy.
      I also still work, and that keeps me busy.
      My tinnitus is so loud sometimes I can hear it over everything, no hearing loss for me.
      I have noticed when I panic mine becomes worse, so I try to stay calm.
      Good luck to you! You got this!
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    4. Ahsan Jalil

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      Sorry to hear that.
      I have it for just over a month. Sometimes really loud, sometimes hardly noticeable. I have noticed few things which might help you as they help me as well:

      Indian head and neck massage bring it down for few hours, but not always.

      Standing in a hot shower water pouring right on the neck for few minutes also helps reducing it.

      I actually started to watch a lot of movies, as while watching I completely forget I have T. I From last few days I have stopped using masking sound for sleep, instead I watch movie at night, and by the time it ends, I am already half asleep, go straight to the bed and sleep all night.

      For some reason: http://www.generalfuzz.net/acrn/ does help to get rid of it for some time, like 10,15 mins.

      Last but not least, don't spend time alone or without activity, just keep yourself busy, watch tele, talk to partner/kids if have. Browse internet (not this site a lot). And do not get stressed or depressed.

      My friend got treated for cancer year ago, cancer recently returned, I have seen him going from healthy gentleman to skeleton before my eyes, I know he might not survive long, leaving behind his young kids and wife. Then I think of my tinnitus, which then looks like a blessing... just imagine how lucky we are not to have something serious. Stay positive.
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      I am very new to this Tinnitus, @Swannys and like you I am needing support and advice. I believe that this forum is a "gem" and I am so happy to have found it. I can tell you that just coming here and reading the many threads and learning all that I can has helped me a great deal.

      There is strength in numbers and knowledge is power. When I start to feel hopeless I log in and immerse myself in the info and take comfort from others who are coping with Tinnitus.

      Coming here and asking for for support or advice is a positive step in the right direction. You know, I am also doing yoga to help me stay calm. I follow a woman online and this makes it easy and available when I need to de-stress.

      It is very nice to meet you.
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