5 Months Gone and Nothing Changed

Discussion in 'Support' started by bwspot, Nov 17, 2014.

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      Amazing, how fast time flies. So far nothing changed. T is the same pitch and volume. Additionally I developed another lower pitch T on the right ear. Slowly I am getting used to this new reality as there is nothing I can do about it. Reading stories on the forum helps a lot. Who knows maybe some day I will write one. Besides the T issues I was attacked by weird neck problems, eye pain and tingling around my eye. I guess this helps me to cope with T as other problems seemed to be more serious. "Luckily" I also did a blood test and was tested positivity for thyroid antibodies. At this point all tests were good but this is an indicator that something might be wrong in the future. What is sad that all started when T started. Since then my body play games with me. From a gym freak and healthy food lifestyle I went to a "sad guy mode" who wakes up everyday and checks the symptoms hoping they are gone. Sometimes I start to think that T really tells you when your body has problems as all followed the T. Such a nightmare. But, there are people who are sicker and suffer more, so I must accept what is happening to me. There are only two options, I either fail or pass the test.
      I had to spit it out, and I figured this forum was the best place for it.
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      Hang in there. Five months is still relatively "young" when it comes to tinnitus. I've had it over a year and am coping much better than I did at your stage. Mine started out just mildly annoying and then got worse and I also developed H. But as the weeks went by I slowly got over the H, although loud music and voices still cause a twinge. Keeping busy helps distract me from the T which fluctuates from day to day. Good luck!
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      Progressive hearing loss / noise / ETD
      I know how you feel, man. I was a happy go lucky person with only a few health problems that I've had since birth and childhood that didn't really affect me. Then I got T and since then, my body has picked up a whole new set of health problems and it feels more achy and abnormal than it used to. Sometimes I feel like T just opened the gateway for my body to become less healthy and more sick each and every day and it sucks. :( Hopefully you and I can achieve true habituation despite our setbacks and can become somewhat healthy again.
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      Keep cotton handy and if you think there are 'too loud' sounds around you, get that cotton in. That's been my trick for 40 years.
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      I ndnalso have t. It is very frustrating. Almost every kind of noise really bothers me and to unfnd noise helps unfortunately I live in a very noisey area. I hy ave found that having the tv on as a background noise helps somewhat. that can help.Also, there are these noise generators.
      ignore it best u can

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