528 Hz Tuning Fork Therapy

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      5 neck injuries within an 18-month span
      Cyber-Hug Greetings, Co-Sufferers,

      This morning I was blessed to have some radio-time on a talk show hosted by Dr. Eliezer Ben-Joseph--a Naturopathic physician.

      During our discussion of tinnitus he alluded to a number of healing mediums, inclusive of the 528hz Tuning Fork.

      If you can see the Snippet-image pasted in the body of this message, you'll see in the lower-left of the image, "On the Phone - David - Tinnitus." That's me :)

      If you have FaceBook, you can access "Natural Solutions Radio" and scroll-down to the "Feb 4 Second Hour" video. About 7:30 minutes into the session Eliezer discusses the "SOTA Bio-Tuner" with the previous caller. At roughly 9:00 minutes in, I begin my conversation with Eliezer by endorsing the Bio-Tuner (I have one) prior to addressing tinnitus.


      *Note: If you don't have FaceBook, you can also see this video by scrolling-down once in the FaceBook icon on Eliezer's web site: www.NaturalSolutionsRadio.com

      Once at this web site, go to the "Radio Shows" page, and see the small "FaceBook" icon in the upper-right:

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      Benzo + loud noise
      What does this tuning fork do ?
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      5 neck injuries within an 18-month span
      The 528hz Tuning Fork emits a healing frequency.

      There are many other frequencies which generate the same (e.g., 7.83hz--the national bio-rhythm of the earth, 432hz and others).

      As you listen to the audio-link that Twitch has been kind enough to furnish, you'll find some interesting information therein.

      Also, within YouTube, you can find very lengthy audio files (some 8 hours or longer) which emit these frequencies, and which are great to sleep with.

      I believe the full benefit of the Tuning Fork however, is the addition of the actual vibration near the ear. I have a 528hz Fork on order, and will update this thread with my experience in due course.
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      Single 25 mg dose of (anticholinergic) drug Promethazine
      I'm currently looking for any information I can find on tuning forks, and whether there's any chance they might help with at least some forms of tinnitus. Anything anybody could share on this topic would be appreciated! -- Thanks.
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      Vibrating tuning fork therapy has been used for decades as part of holistic meditation/relaxation therapy and whilst it works for some people, doesn't work for everyone. Weighted forks are said to be better than unweighted as they amplify the vibrations

      Also be careful, vibrational energy can be beneficial or harmful to the body. You need to find one that creates resonance through your body and mind. Tuning fork therapy combines science and art

      Keep an open mind....

      Disclaimer: I am not a qualified holistic tuning fork therapist... I use them in medical practice and music
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      Tuning forks were used in the 20s to diagnose neurological disorders. They are also used today before the doc sends you for a ct or an mri if he/she detects something suspicious.

      I highly and seriously doubt they are more effective for tinnitus than repeatedly hitting your genitals with a hammer.

      (not that i tried either method, i'm merely speculating, you can go ahead and tuna-fork yourself all day for all i care)
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