6 Months and Going — Accepting Permanent Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Is Difficult

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by JonB, Aug 29, 2019.

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    1. JonB

      JonB Member

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      Hearing loss
      Hey guys - joined a while back but this is my first post in here.

      A few years ago I went to an ENT because I was suffering from ear wax blockage and ringing in my ears and he was able to provide relief. He had me take an audio exam and I found out I had suffered some hearing loss but no permanent tinnitus appeared.

      Back in February I began to again experience pain in my ear and I went to an ENT who cleaned my ears out and poof my tinnitus appeared.

      I've gone to a few ENTs since who all claim it's due to my hearing loss, but part of me still feels like maybe the second ENT who cleaned my ears out had something to do with it since my first ENT cleaned them out with zero issue. Could also be I'm trying to pass the buck and blame someone else even though I used to wear headphones and listen to music loudly and attended concerts frequently.

      I'm only 35 so accepting the permanent hearing loss has been difficult. The tinnitus makes it even worse. The last few months have been the most challenging ones of my life and I've been taking it out on the people closest to me. I went to a party last week and immediately had to walk out and relax because the loud music set my tinnitus off. I felt so bad because my fiancee left and stayed with me in the car for 30 mins while I calmed down. I put some cotton in my ears and went back so I wouldn't completely ruin the day for her.

      Now I cancelled our trip in November out of fear of flying since my tinnitus has been acting up and giving me bad headaches as well. I know there isn't some magic relief otherwise we would all be using it.

      I had to find this out the hard way because I bought that stupid Liam Stops Tinnitus program for $297 a month ago and later read it was a scam. I'm hopeful one day they'll find a cure but in the meantime what can I do to live a normal life? I don't want to lose everything I love by letting it affect my mood.

      Please help and pray for a guy hoping to calm his tinnitus to a manageable pitch. Much love.
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    2. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      I can relate to your story quite a bit. I have severe T and Severe Hearing loss. What I can tell you is this, you need start gaining support from the people that care about you and possibly go talk to a professional. Meds are not always needed, it's all about just talking things out.

      Since you are in a relationship, you need to let your partner know what is going and be honest with her. I dealt with this myself and it was never easy. I use to hated knowing that my ears were damaged and it made life difficult. It would eat me up and it made me bitter as well. Now it's a reality for me and an every day grind. (I am no longer bitter and take it day by day....)

      take it from me, I been at this 31 years and I know the pain that comes with hearing loss and sharp/loud/hell level tinnitus that screams chaos 24-7. Seek TONS of support and talk to a real person, forums will never have the same effect.

      Acceptance is a hard thing, but if we want to move forward in life, it's something that I have done and many others that face or have faced affliction.

      My life is not easy at all and it's a challenge, but no matter how much I love it or hate it, I have to get my chit done and move forward. No one will move you forward in your life, only YOU can do this.

      Be open with people about your ears and protect your ears at all time.

      I'm always here for support if ya need it.....
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    3. Jr_time

      Jr_time Member

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      Do you have ear plugs/ foam plugs for protection? I take them everywhere for loud unexpected places. Peace of mind. One day at a time. That’s all we can do for now and try our best to stay positive.
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    4. AC Anderson

      AC Anderson Member

      Los Angeles
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      June 30th 2018
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      I am 37. I too had a sudden hearing loss 5 months ago and have had tinnitus ever since. I feel just like you- its hard to accept. It's very to scary to know your senses are permanently damaged. Tinnitus top if all of it- I too feel like this is the hardest time my life.

      I even tried a hearing aid for a time, which was more traumatic then helpful.

      I also lost work because my vestibular sense was damaged and I lived with almost constant dizziness for three months. Thankfully, this has healed, but I still deal with the panic disorder it caused.

      But I get better inch by inch. I work daily to keep healing- meditation, water, low stress, supplements, exercise, rigorous monitoring my thoughts, and prioritizing sleep.

      Changing my reaction has been the biggest help. It lowered my over all stress and then the volume.

      I wish you luck. We stronger then our scares.
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    5. AlbertJ

      AlbertJ Member Benefactor

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      Otitis Media
      Hello @JonB!

      Try asking Liam for a refund.
      He does offer his services for a monthly fee. I accidentally subscribed to his services and was billed. I messaged him for a refund. And he reversed my credit card payment.

      I pray that your symptoms would improve in no time. Ask God to help you out in this trying time. Seek His peace that transcends all human understanding and will guide your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

      Warmest regards,
    6. Fabrikat

      Fabrikat Member

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      Otosclerosis then volume then viral infection
      I commend you on your ability to adapt with such relative speed to the assault on body and soul that is tinnitus. You're better than me!

      Changing your reaction to this condition is exactly what one must do, yet I find it so overwhelming sometimes, that I find myself wallowing endlessly in despair.

      Battling on regardless requires real strength and resilience and an acceptance of a diminished version of oneself. It's such hard work! So kudos to you madam!
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