6 Months Later/Appointment with ENT/CT with Contrast, No Answers Yet

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jake0030, Sep 19, 2018.

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      This all started about 6+ months ago. Started hearing and at least in my sense of reality, feeling, ultra low noise like a sub woofer going off in the distance.

      It took forever to see an ENT. Well, the ENT says it's not pulsatile tinnitus??? Had an exam and CT with contrast focused on inner ear. Nothing... results came back completely normal. Next step is an MRI, but ENT is not hopeful it will reveal anything. Thought I was getting better for a while, same horrible bass noise is back, same left ear. It's like I can feel it too. Slowly going crazy.

      Anyone else been through this? What was the next step after ct and mri? Any suggestions or success with meds to at least decrease stress/anxiety?
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      syringing and now somatic T dental work
      @Jake0030 I remember you. Not sure how long time you had a blood pressure problem, but I thought of that before. It may not be the meds directly, but indirectly where the meds could have relaxed or opened your blood vessels enough where more blood flow or extra blood flow is causing the type of sounds that you hear. Having past fluid in the ear is an indicator as is rhythmic flow to the beat of the heart. Cholesterol control with a good diet. I have heart disease.

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