A Hyperacusis Flare-Up — Would Seeing Another Neurologist Be Pointless?

Discussion in 'Support' started by stacey, Feb 23, 2021.

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      I've seen a neurologist a few years ago with no help at all. I am now considering if I should see another one, or would it be pointless? I don't want to make my way to another appointment if I won't get help or answers.

      My hyperacusis has flared up incredibly these past days where my whole head and even face hurts on the side with my ear. My ear feels like it's highly inflammed, it just feels like the nerves are firing up. I haven't been sleeping well at all because of this.

      I also wonder if muscle relaxers would help relax the nerves and maybe just maybe it'll lessen this damn pain :(
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      I think it’s worth a shot, I’m seeing one now in the hopes they can find a good pain medication for me. Right now I’m trialing Gabapentin. Just had my dosage upped yesterday.

      I’d go in with an idea of what you want, which you seem to have.
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      I have face and ear pain (muscle pain, nerve irritation and TM fluttering) for the past week and I was injecting myself with Magnesium and it seemed to make a difference.

      I ran out though and have switched today to oral Magnesium chloride and it definitely seems to help (but not as much as the injectable). Tastes revolting, I mix it with lime juice. The tablets don't seem to do nearly as much (even chelated).

      Magnesium is a very good muscle relaxer. May not help you but worth a try at least until you can get to your appointment.
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