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      Hi, so this is my story, in my country Poland there is a tradition to shot by a carbide canon for Easters, unfortunatly I was too close for one shot, I felt dizzy and my ears started to ring for a moment, after a while everything was OK, in the morning I noticed that my ears are so so sensitive for any sound, and in the evening started to ring.... after a horrible 6 days I noticed that is getting better, even after a shower I heard a silience for a few min, next day was Ok too, the sound was not to loud, and half of the day I even forget about it. But next day morning again loud sound , so depresing.... now again the sound isn`t so loud but I can hear some of the sound almost all the time. It is already 8 days. Ahh I went to doctor, he checked my hearing and it`s OK, and gave me a medicine LAVISTINA (Betahistini dihydrochloridum)

      Is there any chance to get better ? or probably I have a new friend for collection for my entire life ??
      Thanks for any help
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