A new sound, anyone else?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Leah, Oct 18, 2013.

    1. Leah

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      As if the steady ringing is not enough now I have this intermediate sound every few seconds.
      Reminds me of water dripping, drip pause drip.
      I know tinnitus has many sounds this one is very new.
      Thanks everyone.
    2. Karen

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      Hi, Leah,

      It's not unusual for tinnitus sufferers to have additional sounds that come and go. Many of us experience more than one sound in the same ear (right now, I have a steady ringing sound, a wind tunnel sound, and a pulsating sound in my right ear).

      I hope yours settles down soon. It could have been brought on by something arbitrary, and will calm down overnight. In the meantime, try not to let it get to you; I've found that, even when mine is at its worst, it often improves by the next morning!

      Take care and hugs,
    3. bendybus

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      My advice is limited being new to this, but mine does seems to change once in a while and i get a new whistle in my T ear. I'm used to the constant crickets and plane idling sounds now and don't react as much to these now, but the once every few days whistle drives me mad, however it does settle after a few hours to a couple of days.

      I hope it has settled a bit for you, all the best bridget.

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