A Strange Situation Regarding an Unpleasant External (Outdoors) Noise

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Raphael7713, Dec 23, 2021.

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      Hello guys!

      So a couple of days ago I was sitting in my room with an open window when I suddenly heard this weird sound coming from the outside. The sound was very similar to a child's cry, you know the typical "uääää, uäää", but it sounded as if it came from some kind of a bird. And it had a perfect rhythm where it would make the sound, stop for 3 seconds, do the exact same sound, stop for 3 seconds, and this would continue the entire night (I sleep with an open window).

      But now, the last 3-4 days, this "screaming" or whatever it is, is constant, and I mean literally every second of the day and night. Sounds like a screaming bird/duck/fox. But surely no animal screams LITERALLY 24/7 EVERY second? In two occasions I tried to locate the source, but it's nearly impossible. Sound comes from north pretty obviously, I go north all of a sudden the sounds source appears to be from south. I go south, it's north again, I go north and it's now coming from farther north.

      Strange situation indeed. Anyone have any suggestions to what it may be? I don't live in the wild or near a forest. We have som hares, foxes and rats..but like I said, no animal could possibly scream/cry constant for over 72 hours, like in every second without pause?

      Appreciate answers ;)
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      I know your post was a long time ago but I really hope this reaches you. I've been getting bubbling sounds in my left ear. They seemed to be coming in regular waves so just found myself counting the seconds in between waves. It turned out to be coming every 19 seconds and lasted for about 7 seconds. This shocked me and I thought it was just my imagination. I checked it out with a stopwatch and it was exactly the same all night. In the morning I told my daughter and she timed it with me and found it was just as I had said. I searched and searched for some answer to explain this weird thing but never found anything until I just read your post.
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