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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Anon, Oct 16, 2016.

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      Hi, I never write on forums but after having the most awful past 6 months and my tinnitus seemingly getting better I thought I would write about my experience with tinnitus...

      I had a baby, c-section, suffered with dreadful insomnia for the last couple of months of pregnancy, about 2 weeks after the baby was born my ears started to hurt, I didn't have a cold or any sinus problems, just sore ears... still not sleeping.. then one day the most awful ringing in my ears, my ears felt sore, blocked unable to pop them, ringing across the top of my head, a sound that was similar to a hoover in one ear (!!) and a high pitched ring in the other - it was awful... basically this went on for about 4 months, it was miserable, I was depressed, unable to sleep still but now because of the awful noise in my head ! I also had awful dizzy spells and migraines and generally felt exhausted... lots of trips to the docs, couldn't find anything, very dismissive...

      In the end i was referred to an ENT.... whilst waiting for the appointment which took weeks I was looking thro everything on the internet for answers. I saw posts about people talking magnesium, zinc, sudafed etc so I tried magnesium to start, I actually found I had more energy when taking this but I don't think it affected the ringing in my ears. After that I took a combination of Zinc, sudafed type drug and also i tried Kali Mur... Someone also suggested to me that I try using a herb called Plantain, which you basically boil and drink when cool (its vile...but is supposed to get rid of mucus!)

      After 2 days of taking Zinc I noticed a definite difference in the loudness of the tinnitus..... I can still hear it now but its so low that it doesn't bother me too much. I don't know if what I have been taking has helped it or that is just coincidence but I thought I would post... In the mean time I've had my ENT appointment, interestingly the Dc said it could be due to me having an epidural ...possible spinal fluid leak which can apparantly cause a fullness feeling in the ears, pain in the ears, tinnitus, migraines, dizzyness... but then so can ETD cause these symptoms...

      so now at 6 months things seem 80% better and have done now for about a month... to me it felt like everyone has a baseline v low level of tinnitus but mine was turned up and is now progressively being turned down, its very odd... as a hopeful success I wanted to share..
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      Good to hear. Anyone else have similar success after taking zinc?

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