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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Donna Gaumond, Dec 13, 2012.

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      I have been suffering with tinnitus since 12/121972 due to a car accident, today happens to be the anniversary, in which I was in a coma for 11 days. I was 16 years old then. I had the bones in both ears broken, I had surgery on my right ear at Mass Eye and Ear in 73 to regain some of my hearing. I wear hearing aids in both ears but I have a mild/moderate loss. I use them mostly when I teach my 3rd graders. Due to the accident I had a basal skull fracture, broken rib, fractured pelvis, foot internal injuries and scars from glass cuts. I am lucky to be alive and have a wonderful life with 2 children and 2 grand children.
      That's my background. After the accident, along with the chronic pain in my legs, my other major complaint was the constant tinnitus in both ears. Sometimes I have a very high pitched tone which filled my whole head. That's the worse but only last about a minute or two. I have had pulsitile tinnitus before and it went away. I now have it and have had it for more than a month. I hear my heart beat 24 7 but don't notice it during the day when I am working. I mostly notice it when it is quiet. It started with ear pain. I thought I might have an ear infection but the pain went away. Now I have two forms of tinnitus at the same time. Lucky me. I actually did some research and decided to go to my ENT. I am nervous but I have made peace with my other tinnitus. It took a while. I may have to make peace with this. I just hope it isn't anything serious like the things I read about. I will know soon.
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      Hi Donna, welcome. Hope you find a solution for your T.
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      Donna --- Welcome, and we wish you well. I have both pulsatile and ringing tinnitus, too. Will be interested to hear the outcome of your ENT appointment. Please keep us posted!
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      Hi Donna,

      :) I'm with you!

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