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      November 17, 2013
      Hi everyone,

      I came down with T after attending a very loud techno show (with ear plugs in) ....ya it didn't help. My life has been turned completely upside down. I am supposed to be graduating grad school in 2 weeks, and getting married in March. I have not been sleeping and my finance is very upset and doesn't know how to really help me. I feel as if it has become worse since the day it happened. I also have hyperacusis because I noticed right away that sharp sounds were completely different and made me cringe. The T bounces from one ear to the next and can't seem to settle on any one thing. There is always a background hiss going on when the high-pitched bouncing isn't happening. Also have that Tensor Tempani thing where the ears feel full and tight. The mornings seem the worse at the moment - night is not so bad if I can get the masking going. Relaxing is the hardest.

      Anyway - I know this is a support forum and I am in some serious need of support right now. I feel like my life is over. I feel like no one understands me. I paid 2 urgent care docs when it first happened a lot of money to tell me to go home and wait it out (stupid I know) and also now seeing my GP who gave me Valium, it did nothing for me except made me forgetful -and now going to an ENT. I have been lurking on this forum, reading, crying, finding some hope, crying more, and not sleeping at all - but I did finally decide to post something. It's a step.

      The only sounds that help are at night, when I mask it with pink noise, seems to be the best for me right now. My biggest issue is not sleeping and panic. Yest the sound sucks. But having no sleep is something I've never done. I sleep soooooo nicely usually. Can pink noise hurt the recovery process because you are feeding the brain the sound frequencies it needs - and then in the day the sound is taken away and the brain scans for it? Just a thought......

      Also has anyone had any experience with auditory hallucinations after getting T? Like you hear something or some talk in your head and your ears think you're actually hearing something in the room? Or someone says something just as your falling asleep and it seems like your ears hear it? It's bizzare! I wonder if that is from the panic attacks.

      I am scared to even post this because I do not want to lose hope. I am not looking for someone to just sugar coat things...but I feel like I need a understanding community to just get through this with. I have read that for some people it goes away over time and for some it stays same or worsens. I feel for everyone who has this now, as I do.

      I have an appointment with an ENT today - basically from what I've read from you all it will be more of the same song and dance, but my parents really want me to go so I am.

      I am taking magnesium, turmeric, omega 3, a multi, vitamin D and I've been juicing. I stopped coffee, I don't ear sugar or processed food ever so that's not even an issue.

      Today is actually the first day when the hissing/buzzing/slightly high pitch sound is just sort of there and not whining and trying to go super high pitched. Any experience with keeping the pitch more steady?

      I'm here because I want to learn techniques for handing my newly acquired affliction and give support when I can. Thanks for reading!

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      It would seem you have acoustic trauma. I provided guidelines in this thread yesterday:

      Allergies and ear ringing | Tinnitus Talk Support Forum

      I don't think prednisolone will help now, but you could discuss it with your ENT today.
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      Hey melissa
      My t was most likely acquired from lovely techno as well not sure though. Ive had it for a month, the first two weeks were hell but already at this point, t wise im doing a Lot better.
      Right now is tough and hopeless. Yet if in an acutw state it might not be permanent, if in a later stage theres still a chance, and if permament statistics says it will most likely become a lesser nuisance which wont dominate your life really :) What dj gave you tinnitus btw?:p
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      The hyperacusis should fade in a couple weeks. I would just recommend avoiding loud sounds and not every day normal sounds even if they hurt. Tell people not to yell next to you also. Some jackass yelled about 2 feet away from me as loud as she could, not to hurt me for something else, and it made that ear much worse. So yeah, normal noise, ok, extra loud...no.

      You could also try vinpocetine if you want. There's a study that showed it improved tinnitus after acoustic trauma, if that what yours is. It's only I think $8 for a 3x a day (10mg) for 30 days dose. So you can try that if you want.

      Oh, and try to stay positive, it's only acute so it'll probably go away.

      One more thing, you need sleep. Because like me in the first two weeks the lack of sleep sends you into panic mode because not only of the ringing, but the sleep.

      Good luck, and keep us updated. :)
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      For how long have you had it btw?:)
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      Hello Melissa, I'm sorry your feeling bad at the moment. Tinnitus is quite an upsetting thing in the beginning. It makes you really stressed and anxious in the beginning. I think it is important you try to do anything that makes you feel more relaxed: going for long walks, working out, taking a hot bath in the evening. You could also ask your doctor for another medication.

      I'm not entirely sure what you mean by auditory hallucination. But in the beginning with my tinnitus when there was some beeping or humming sound somewhere I was sometimes panicking as I wasn't sure whether it is coming from the surrounding or from within my head.

      I know that sleeping can be an issue, especially in the beginning. But it will get better once your anxiety lesson towards the sound lessons. It will just take a while.

      I don't think listening to pink noise will have any adverse affect. Usually any pleasant sound is recommended for tinnitus patients. If pink noise is pleasant for you, that should be good. Just in case the pink noise also irritates you, you should switch to another sound. But I suggest to put the volume of the sound low enough so that it doesn't entirely mask the tinnitus, whenever that is possible. That way you will still learn to adapt to the tinnitus sound.
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      PROBABLY long term exposure to the sound of motors/blowers
      Auditory hallucinations aren't unheard of - I don't thing it's experienced by the bulk of T sufferers but I HAVE read about many who have had it. I can say the panic attacks certainly don't help, but hang in there.... things DO get better. Even if the T doesn't, YOU do. Tell your fiance that the MOST IMPORTANT THING he can do for you is to simply be there. He doesn't have to say a word (indeed, what can he say?) but if he's willing to simply hold you when you're upset, to let you cry yourself out when you need to and be willing to understand that this is an extremely traumatic thing for the new T sufferer (oh, boy, is it ever) - that's enough. My significant other did exactly that for me when I first came down with this, and it was all I needed - just to know I had someone who cared in my corner and who would prop me up when I felt like it was all falling apart. Sleep is one of the first things to be affected - for the first six months I got maybe two hours of sleep at best each night, walking the floors, trying to sleep in the living room sitting up (because for some weird reason it was a little quieter that way, for a while).

      I've had T for two years; I had it a decade ago for eight months and for whatever reason it went away. I had hoped it was gone for good. The panic when it returned was immense and I freely admit I was a true basket case for most of the first year. I'm dealing with it better now, though I still have moments from time to time. But I'm enjoying life again, so that's definite progress :)
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      Hello Melissa sorry about your T, magnesium at bedtime with a cup of camomile
      Tea helps relax the nerves , hence better sleep.
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      Hi Melissa,
      I've been there. Actually pretty much everyone on this forum has been where you have been. T is a beast, a shitty shitty thing, but it can get better. Honestly - even if you dont choose to believe me right now :)

      I still have some of the feelings as you do (I've had T now for 4 months) but almost each day is better. Some are still bad and loud - today its a bit louder than normal - but that just means that im cracking out the masking more.
      I remember the initial days (and weeks!) spent crying, begging for it to stop, thinking my life was over and telling my husband I couldn’t live with this noise for the rest of my life. I couldn’t sleep or eat and I was petrified of doing anything to make it worse. But I couldn’t live like that.

      The first thing I did was see my GP for some help sleeping. She prescribed me valuim which I used for a couple of night just to get me back into some sort of sleep pattern. I also saw a naturopath who has put me on kava for stress and anxiety which are doing wonders. I absolutely believe that stress and tiredness increase T, so those need to be sorted out ASAP. I also take a flavanoid powder (for sinus issues which is why I believe my T started), the Kava, Zinc, Vit B tablet and magnesium.

      I also mask - alot. I use anything - the TV loud, I carry my ipod with me from room to room listening to an audiobook, or playing sounds - right now my favourite is windchimes. Right now do ANYTHING that will keep your mind off it.

      Let us know how you go with your ENT, and hopefully you are feeling a little more positive today :)
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      November 17, 2013
      Thank you all for your kind and informative replies. I will try to answer everyone soon. I really appreciate it!

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