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Dec 15, 2023
Aug 14, 2013
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Member, Male, from Denmark

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Dec 15, 2023
    1. JJ2time
      hi, how can I message you privately? I am on route to Thailand and would like to visit the stem cell clinic. thx
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    2. Travis Henry
      Travis Henry
      I am very interested in the stem cell therapy . I am at the end of my rope and thinking about S to much and would rather try all options before hand.!! <3 please let me know any info.
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      3. kingsfan
        @blamingeverything I thought klonopin was the most successfully used here. Valium and xanax didn't do anything for mine.
        Jun 9, 2022
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      4. Travis Henry
        Travis Henry
        I am on ativan now and my pitch just seems to be going higher and higher. I'm ready to get months away from this start of reactive tinnitus and hyperacusis and see if they can go away. This sucks not being able to listen to music and all sounds spiking me.
        Jun 9, 2022
      5. blamingeverything
        @kingsfan for some reason Xanax obliterates my t for a solid day. It’s miraculous. Klonopin to a lesser extent.
        Jun 9, 2022
    3. IntotheBlue03
      Hi, do you still have any sources or any info on MS sufferers with tinnitus who improved from stem cell?
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    4. Paulmanlike
      Hello Jakob. What are your views on FREQ? Not long for phase 2 now...
    5. bobthebuilder
      Hi Mr. Science,

      Hope you’re well. I have had severe tinnitus for a while that has just progressively gotten worse and want to pursue some experimental treatment options abroad. Could you please help me with the names of the clinics you went to? Which one would you recommend for a first time round of stem cells?

      (Btw please feel free to PM me a response.)

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      2. GBB
        Also interested in 2020. Would love to ask a few questions if okay.
        Sep 7, 2020
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    6. vlad2019
      I would greatly appreciate any new info on laser therapy ? What home based product people get better result
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    7. SilentWay
      I’ve had two adipose stem cell treatments. I’ve experienced increased tolerance to noise and a T level reduction of maybe 10-15%. I’m curious about your second UC treatment results as I’m seriously considering a similar path.
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      2. attheedgeofscience
        @SilentWay – it's almost six years ago I did my first treatment. I therefore recommend you rely on your own insights at this point (re: options, pricing, clinics, treatment protocol, where to go, etc.). If you really want my help, send me an email. Good luck...
        Apr 16, 2019
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      3. attheedgeofscience
        @just1morething – No need for drama: the scenario with the needle you describe is already included in the price (except it contains growth factors as opposed to Lidocaine).
        Apr 16, 2019
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      4. just1morething
        Apr 27, 2019
    8. Paulmanlike
      The legend has returned. Do you know where @Aaron123 is these days? Both offer excellent input to this site
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    9. ringringer
      so are you cured?
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      2. Contrast
        I believe his tinnitus was reduced to a much more tolerable level, not cured 100%.
        Aug 21, 2018
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    10. MartinH
      Hi there.. I saw in a thread that you had stem cell treatment in Asia? Could you give me the details on that (location, cost, experience)? I live about 3 - 4 hours from anywhere I need to be in Asia and I'm considering skipping all the appointments they want me to keep here over the next month or two and just going somewhere that I don't have to wait around. Thank you.
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    11. threefirefour
      Why are you so based?
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