Acoustic CR Neuromodulation

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    1. Tina C

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      Hi Dr. Nagler:

      In April, LondonGirl had asked you about Acoustic CR Neuromodulation and the future benefits it may hold.

      You were dubious, indicating that, as of that writing, there were no credible studies on its benefits. It appears credible studies have since been produced and we would appreciate your insight into the results available on the website. The title of the study is, "Counteracting tinnitus by acoustic coordinated reset neuromodulation."

      The study can be found at:

      Thank you!
    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Hi Tina -

      Two of the investigators involved in the study you point to (including the principle investigator) have contractual relationships with ANM Adaptive NeuromodulationGmbH. When I refer to "credible studies," I refer to studies that are both reliable and independently verifiable. As best I can determine, the study in your link is neither.

      Now this is not to say that Acoustic Neuromodulation CR doesn't work. All I am saying that your pointing today to a 2012 study that I took into consideration when in 2014 I said that there were no credible studies to date really does not compel me to change my opinion on the matter. As to whether or not it actually works, I have not yet arrived at a conclusion.

      stephen nagler
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