Acoustic Neuroma

Discussion in 'Support' started by BobDigi, Jun 9, 2014.

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      34, tinnitus for a week in left ear, no fluid or wax, no infection, doctor today suspects acoustic neuroma, having MRI soon.

      I wondered if anyone here has had an acoustic neuroma, and what their outcome was?

      If i have it, and i have an operation, will i lose the tinnitus and hearing, or just hearing?

      I've got lots of questiobs, but no one to give me any answers.

      Thanks, Bob.
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      Hhmmm... If the doctor suspects that, then he/she should indicate why that is. These tumours are rare.

      An operation for acoustic neuroma - and the outcome - would need to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

      Unless the doctor specifically indicated a likelihood of acoustic neuroma, then I would not be worried in your case.
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      Hi Bob,

      I'm sorry you're experiencing tinnitus, that is no fun. It could be caused by many things though, I wouldn't jump to the acoustic neuroma conclusion too soon. The best thing you can do right now is try to relax and continue getting the tests your doctor recommends. I've heard @Dr. Nagler say it before, but I don't think coming here for medical advice (i.e. will I lose my hearing and tinnitus or just hearing if I have surgery) is the best idea - no one here can answer that for you because it has so much to do with your specific body, history and circumstances.

      The best person to ask these questions is your doctor :)

      Good luck and try not to worry, you don't even know if you have one yet!
    4. AUTHOR
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      Yeah i know. Thanks. I must admit i've kind of resigned myself to the fact i've got it. Must be more positive and wait for results.
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      No idea - yet!
      How did you get on BOb?
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      There is a whole forum just for this condition, anforum I think, Google it. Good luck.

      The president of my company had one of these and had it operated, he's doing well.
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      I second what others have said: this is a rare condition, so don't be too sure that this is your problem. Hopefully, your test results will be back soon and all will be well.
    8. glynis

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      Acoustic nuroma is a very slow growing tumour on your vestibulocochlear nerve, and can go years and years with little growth and not cancerous.
      A MRI is usually done to keep an eye on it and no treatment done unless it is needed.
      Try not to worry and see what a MRI shows......lots of love glynis
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