Acoustic Trauma

Discussion in 'Dr. Stephen Nagler (MD)' started by kavaliero, Dec 31, 2014.

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    1. kavaliero

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      Dear doctor hi from GREECE..last august i had an acoustic trauma i worked as dj and i played very loud..and tinnitus appears....i went to the hospital they gave me medrol cortizone in pills...but tinnitus was still there...i have tinnitus from right ear ...and sometimes when wake up in the night with depress ..stress have and in the left..i dont know why.. usually i have tinnitus only from right ear.. and very quiet sometimes from left ear...i took memovigor 2(vitamins with ginko biloba) for 3 months with no result...i also took for one month 10 mg prazepam (Benzodiazepin) cause i was very depress..and a little Antidepressant -citalopram ..and they help me to handle all this...and i stop tinnitus is still here,..some night when ia am very depress i am taking only 10 mg prazepam...but not very often maybe once in a week..last month i feel also a litlle pain in my right ear the ear with tinnitus!!and i am also very sensitive in sound .i have to protect my ear outside from House ..but the pain is only in the right ear..i tried cinnarizine and make me very depress and wake up in the night with very loud tinnitus....but the day after i saw that my tinnitus was very quiet,,i was afraid to take more iam taking only magnesium citrate400 mg and start yesterday nac 600 mg//i saw that magnesium help me a little with sleep....i cant sleep i have many many dreams and wake up all the time...i aml sleeping 4 -5 hours but not straight...and some night wake up with nightmares and tinnitus very very High....some doctors told me to try introtympanic cortizone,,,,,and oxygen -hyperbaric oxygen..and TRT...BUT BECAUSE i had this liitle pain in the ear and sensitivity in sound now ..i dont know what to do...i didnt have this pain and this sensitivity in the begging///my MRI IN INNER EAR WAS i have and this pain in right ear i think its hyperacousie...and tinnitus together,,,my life is terrible....i cant sleep...hyperacousie is better at night,,,,,i dont know what to go to neyrologist...

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    2. Dr. Nagler

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      Hi kavaliero -

      I am so very sorry to read about your difficult situation.

      You had a significant acoustic trauma some six months ago and as a result developed tinnitus (and subsequently sound sensitivity). You have apparently undergone a very thorough ENT and audiological work-up, which have failed to reveal any correctable causes. Fortunately your MRI was normal, indicating that you do not have a tumor or anything of that sort.

      The end result: you are absolutely miserable.

      I have done some investigating, and I am unaware of any clinics in Greece to which I feel comfortable referring you. My suggestion would be for you to contact Dr. Bruce Hubbard, who is an absolutely phenomenal cognitive behavioral therapist with extensive experience treating patients with severe tinnitus and hyperacusis. Although Dr. Hubbard is in New York City, he does treat patients at a distance using Skype, and (unlike myself) he does not require an initial in-person evaluation before treating patients long-distance. You can reach Dr. Hubbard through the Doctors' Corner on this board or through his website at

      I will keep a good thought for you.

      Kind regards -

      Dr. Stephen Nagler

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