Acquired Tinnitus After a Panic Attack

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      Yes, first panic attack and tinnitus same day (so that makes me think they are related). I take effexor for the panic attacks and have been panic free for years. I have been researching about tinnitus and saw a fella that was going to do a trail on the latest drug AM-101 (I logged in to ask him about how it went). Think it has something to do with nerve damage and/or damaged hairs (fungus?). I know it is not a virus as I was hospitalized with a inner ear virus and it didn't seem connected at all. What is damaging the hairs? I don't smoke, don't listen to loud music. But my mother developed it when she was 16 (she is 97 now) so it doesn't shorten life, but her hearing is all but gone. Doing research on the new fat-soluble B vit for nerve coating (myelin). Most B is water soluble and only good for a few hours.

      Benfotiamine (fat soluable B1)

      Methylcobalamine (fat soluable B12)
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      Headphones maybe?not sure really.
      well stress can cause tinnitus, so your panick attack might be related.

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