Acute or Still Chronic?

Discussion in 'Support' started by DiscoDisco, Mar 4, 2015.

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      I've had tinnitus for 2ish years. Couldn't hear it unless in the dead of night and certainly not when awake and doing things.

      About two weeks ago I had a brief touch of vertigo, chills indicating a fever for one night, shot of ear pain but nothing worth mentioning, ears continually full, etc and the volume turned up a bit from a 1 to a 3 or 4 in my right ear.

      A few days ago when using headphones and testing hearing and when on the high frequency accidentally turned the Hz up to 4 from a 1 (assuming this was thousands) and was exposed for a second before taking headphones off. Tone ricocheted around my head for a few brief seconds and was gone. Next day I cleaned ear with peroxide. Next morning I basically had a tone now in my left ear that's maybe a 5 so not over powering but difficult to mask. Today had a shot of ear pain and still full ears on both sides so whatever it is I'm fighting I think I'm still working through it, compounded by for the first time ever losing sleep and having strong anxiety about T.

      So, my question isn't really one of diagnosis or cause whether it was the exposure, peroxide or potential ear infection, my question is when it shows up in a second ear is it That considered acute? Like, in theory this is could be more so about the exposure + infection and temporary and unrelated to What I had going on long term and flared up or is the new appearance chronic and have no hope of it being temporary? The lack of sleep and anxiety is unsustainable obviously, but now I'm unexpectedly being followed around by a tone, however dull, in almost all environments and keep popping my ears.
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      it can absolutely be temporrary. many times it reduces back to what you were used to.

      stop obsessing about it. if you listen to it it will get stuck in your brain. listen to audio watch movies and go outside. divert your attention.

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