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Discussion in 'Support' started by Shay, Feb 19, 2014.

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      Hey everybody,
      It's been more than a month since I got the T, and since I managed to somewhat "habituate" to it, I would very much like it if there was no further harm to my ears (although no hearing damage was found). I found this forum extremely helpful before, so I hope you could help me adjust to this new lifestyle a little better.

      1. In the past I used to run a few miles several times a week. Of course, I used earbuds with pretty much high volume the entire run, and towards the end I would put some RATM full volume and sprint all the way to the end :cool: guess that's not gonna happen anymore... anyway, I used to use earbuds a lot (although my T started after a couple of monthes in which I barely used them). Is it forbidden from now on? Running became such a boredom lately. And if not, are big headphones significantly better?

      2. Neil Young comes to Israel this summer (international artists in Israel = not so common). I bought a ticket a few days before T started, and it would be a shame if I missed that gig (especielly when the performer has got T himself ;)). However, I do afraid the high sound levels will be too much for my ears. What's the most useful way to protect yourself in a gig like that?

      3. Noisy bars, restaurants etc - 3-4 times a month - could lead to a serious damage in the long run (without using earplugs)? The same goes to the movies.

      4. How much for the cure? (kidding...)
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      Hello Shay! Id say good to have you on board but I guess thats not the thing to say here. It is good that you have habituated, and that you are trying not to make it louder.
      1. I think there are two aspects here: 1) the duration of how long you listen 2) how loud is the music. The rule is no more than 60 min on 60% of volume, however that goes for prevention. Try to listen to music on as low volume as you can therefore, maybe only 40-50% per cent. You can find noisecancelling headphones which cancel out other noise (if you run on the street). However, I myself would never use an MP3/Ipod again - im too scared.
      2. Basically you should buy very strong plugs (musicians eargplus) (at least 30 db) AND wear eardefenders. However, if you look around this board you will see that many members who protected themselves had tinnitus go louder anyway. That means that if you do go it could be a risk - so you should keep that in mind.
      3. Yes, movies, noisy bars, club, restaurants, cafes could cause damage in the long term. Therefore wear plugs. I also advise to stay away from places with extreme noise (some bars can be very loud too). Even with plugs that will damage.
      4. I will give you the number of my account and you can pay me million bucks if you want:D
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      Ok, my two cents.

      1) NO loud music in earbuds or earphones. Period. Only at moderate or soft volume.

      2) Wear good earplugs. For the future, you could use special musicians earplugs which reduce the sound level without deforming the sound. Expensive but a good investment. Foam earplugs must be pushed into the ear to be effective

      3) See 2)

      4) May happen in the future. Many many scams out there in the internet.

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