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Discussion in 'Support' started by Motorbambino, Sep 2, 2015.

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      "I went to my usual nightclub Friday night (it's Tuesday lunchtime now) and the music was louder than it has ever been in there - and I'm a regular(who enjoys loud music, but this was beyond a joke). I am 21 years old and this ringing in my ears is really starting to worry me. I'm finding it difficult to sleep at night, and I'm getting headaches when I can't shift my attention off the ringing. I am really trying to hold onto the hope of this not being permanent, but my faith in it getting better is fading fast. It is now Tuesday lunchtime and I don't think it's subsided at all. Is it usual for ringing to continue this long and then not end up being permanent?" THIS WAS MY ORIGINAL POST. WHAT I WANT TO KNOW NOW IS...

      Hi, so I went to the doctors today and she said that she's not worried there are any underlying problems (I knew that anyway) and that it is likely it will go. If it doesn't clear up within a month I need to go back and get "retraining therapy" - but I'm hoping this is a short term thing and it won't come to that.

      What I'd really like to know is this: It's my best friends birthday Saturday and she's planned for about 15 of us to go to go clubbing (Watford, London). The plan was to go on a bar crawl as there is a strip of bars and clubs, however after this tinnitus started I pretty much decided not to go unless it had cleared up by then. So far, it has not gone away and is the same as it was to start with. I have now got a set of earplugs (Alpine Party Plug) which as far as I've tested with my own loud speakers seem to block out a good amount of noise. Do you think it is okay for me to attend Saturday so long as I wear these earplugs? Or do you still think I should give it a miss still?

      She will be so disappointed if I don't go and I have been really looking forward to it, but ultimately my hearing is more important. I do not want to damage them further. If these earplugs won't keep my ears from getting worse, I will not go. Please give me advice..

      Many thanks
      Motorbambino xx
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      Hi Motorbabmino,
      When your tinnitus is due to loud sound your ears are telling you they are not happy around loud sound.

      Noise reduction ear plugs are needed that bring sound down to a safe limit to protect your ears .
      Life is about having safe fun through life .
      Even with ear plugs /noise reduction plugs, you can still damage your ears as loud intrusive sound can be picked up from behind your ear through your Mastoid bone to your cochlear and cause permanent damaged to the tiny hairs inside.
      If you do decide to go keep well away from loud speakers and wear your plugs glynis
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      This is the time period you should be letting your ears heal not exposing to more loud noise!

      Your gonna regret it.
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      If it were me, I would not risk it. Given that the tinnitus is so new I would do everything I could avoid any additional damage. There is an argument to be made for taking reasonable precautions (ear plugs) and living your life as you would without T, but it just isn't a risk I would take at the point where you are.
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      Hi there. I can't really tell you what to do with any authority in terms of damage as I'm not a doctor. However, were it me, I would not go. I would tell my friends what was going on and warn them to wear earplugs when they go out. You might also try telling them that you'd love to see them - you can meet them in a quieter place than a club for drinks etc. after they're done dancing.

      At first, telling friends these kinds of things and making compromises feels upsetting, but in time it doesn't feel so odd. We're all here for you, take care of yourself!
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