Aug 29, 2015
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Member, Female

Life can only get better.... Nov 21, 2018

    1. Kisha

      I have tinnitus in left ear? Do you have any suggestions of treatment. I got it after taking lamictal for 7 days. My ear clogged for 3 days and afterwards tinnitus. It was silent during day and I took gaba 750 mg by source natural for 2 day. When I woke the third day it was in back of head and slightly in left ear as well. It has left the left ear but lightly in head and right ear. Help!
    2. Jane M
      Jane M
      Hello Glynis,

      I’ve had T since January of this year, I found this site and spent many hours reading stories on here, looking for faith that I would be ok. I wanted to let you know I read many of your words and they helped me. You have no idea how many ppl you have helped with your kind heart.
      Thank you for being a T warrior xxoo
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    3. glynis
      Life can only get better....
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      2. Manny
        Glynis hope you are okay. Hugs.
        Nov 21, 2018
    4. alex01
      Hello .
      Can i talk to you a little bit i have a lot of issues with T .
      Thank you.
    5. marc 1974 london
      marc 1974 london
      Sorry to ask did the young fella Danny pass away? Just read a saddening post
      1. Red
    6. threefirefour
      That is a very serious looking cat. Looks serious about snuggling.
      1. JPGL and Contrast like this.
      2. glynis
        he's got his eye on my yogurt...he wants the pot after...haha
        Oct 13, 2018
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      3. threefirefour
        We cannot sit in pots >:(
        Oct 13, 2018
        Contrast likes this.
    7. Josh C.
      Josh C.
      Hi! Is there anyway you could maybe read my last post under the "introduce yourself" thread? Thank you so much!
      1. glynis likes this.
    8. Leoglobe
      Hi Glynis. I would like to send a pm to a member but I can t see how to do that. Can you please help me? Thanks
      1. glynis
        click on there name and you can then start a conversation. Check your settings also if set to members only .... x
        Sep 26, 2018
    9. threefirefour
      Is that your husband?
      1. Equalizer likes this.
      2. glynis
        Sep 17, 2018
    10. Dawn71
      Hi Glynis. Hearing test showed borderline hearing loss. Basically they wanted to sell me very costly hearing aids. GP wouldn't prescribe cennarazine but did give me mirtazapine so hope it helps. V down again today, cant see any light at the end of the tunnel. Balance tests Friday. Lol Dawn
      1. JPGL likes this.
      2. glynis
        Mirtazapine will help you sleep and relax you if you have anxiety and at a therapeutic dose helps depression.
        It's kind on your ears...
        love glynis
        Sep 10, 2018
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    11. Danikam
      Hi Glynis,
      Could you please PM me.
      One of our members passed away and I'd like to speak to you about it briefly
      1. Urbano likes this.
      2. TheDanishGirl
        Bam??! Or do you mean Danny boy? sorry to ask but I am worried about Bam. it's okay if you don't want to answer.
        Aug 30, 2018
      3. Danikam
        It's not Bam.
        Aug 30, 2018
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    12. Wyatt
      Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. My ears feel very stuffy and clogged and it’s been going off and on for the past 2-3 my family has a history of Meinors I think that’s what it’s called. I went to the doctor 3 weeks ago and they didn’t even talk about it. I want to go back to the doctor but they said I have another appointment in 6 months but I’m not to sure if I want to wait for that long. Ty
      1. glynis
        I would try steam inhalation and also Sudafed to clear your tubes and could try a nasil spray.
        Also could be allergies and a antihistamine could help that.
        I don't think you have Meniere's as you would be getting a lot more symptoms .
        Hope these tips help but see your doctor if you still have problems.
        love glynis
        Aug 26, 2018
    13. Rogerde2018
      Good day Glynis, I was wondering if you have any advise for me, I have Eustaquian tube dysfunction and I did the ballon dilation, also I have tinnitus and clicking in both ears and I’m contemplating to fly and I was wondering if you have some info to share. Unfortunately the doctors don’t have to much advise for me ...
      1. glynis
        I would use a nasil spray to help your ETD and get planeplugs when you fly .
        Aug 6, 2018
      2. Rogerde2018
        Thank you
        Aug 6, 2018
    14. Terrel
      Hey Glynis what’s the different between vertigo and dizziness?
    15. bolive
      1. glynis
        If your a member of Tinnitus Hub facebook group you can send a message by messanger.
        It's a private group and Markku is admin and I moderate it.
        Both TH and TT are run by Markku and Steve and I moderate both.
        love glynis x
        Jul 11, 2018
    16. Terrel
      Hey Glynis how can I send you a PM up here?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. glynis
        you should have a box underneath my message to put in yours and send
        Jul 10, 2018
      3. Terrel
        Hey is it possibly a settings issue because there isn't a box underneath your message lol
        Jul 10, 2018
      4. Johan_L
        Hi, I'm having the same problem! I can't respond to a PM as there is no Box. Did you get it to work Terrel?
        Aug 18, 2018
    17. Dylan Blake
      Dylan Blake
      Glynis, I just read You got Your Tinnitus from Meniere's Disease, is it only in one ear?
      1. glynis
        May 21, 2018
      2. Dylan Blake
        Dylan Blake
        My sympathies, are You doing anything to compensate for the hearing loss if any?
        May 25, 2018
    18. victoria9273
      Lots of love, kind Glynis.
    19. Ron Robles
      Ron Robles
      You think any of the other meds have something to do with it
      1. glynis
        That is something your doctor needs to check over with you...
        May 10, 2018
    20. Ron Robles
      Ron Robles
      My hearing aids don't help me at all, what is a kind of to have I have the Zen type
      1. glynis
        Every one is different,I use Siemens duel purpose hearing aids.
        May 10, 2018
    21. Ron Robles
      Ron Robles
      You and general my paulsating tinnitus is really bad appointment for MRI and all that they're going to check again and see if they see anything in the neck veins or whatever this is getting a little bit worse, heart medications that doctors don't believe doctor you know to take you off of it one of his a baby aspirin 81 milligrams , metoprolol 25 milligrams a day and the other one pravastatin for cholesterol
      1. glynis
        hearing aids and small beta blockers can be helpful for some people with pulsitile tinnitus.
        My hearing aids help me but it's tough going.
        Love glynis
        May 10, 2018
    22. Ron Robles
      Ron Robles
      Hi Glynis ron robles, here any changes anything helping
      1. glynis
        for me or in general?
        May 10, 2018
    23. Beachpony
      Having problems posting & sending a private message here (got a pop-up to contact an administrator).

      Put up a post the other day about pain meds. My thread was taken down as a new post and put in with another post about pain meds. Bill Bauer responded, been trying to message him but message pops up saying that I had inappropriate content or I was spam. Just trying to get through to him and I can’t.

      1. Contrast likes this.
      2. glynis
        you need contact Markku
        May 1, 2018
        Beachpony likes this.
    24. glynis
      Tinnitus Hub Moderator
      1. threefirefour likes this.
    25. Markku
      Happy new year Glynis. Your attitude, enthusiasm, kindness, never-ending support makes me humble. Appreciate all you are!
      1. threefirefour likes this.
      2. glynis
        Wishing you and Tinnitus Talk and Tinnitus hub a wonderful New Year.
        Thank you for your lovely words Markku its nice to be apart of TT and TH...your amazing for all that you do x
        Dec 30, 2017
        threefirefour likes this.
    26. glynis
      Lynne78 check your settings to make sure your pm is on Members and not followers
      1. threefirefour likes this.
    27. glynis
      Got a new grandchild due Sunday/Monday
      1. Jfbanks and threefirefour like this.
      2. Markku
        Congratulations glynis - the grandchild is lucky to have you as a grandma :) !
        Aug 3, 2017
        glynis likes this.
      3. glynis
        Thank you Markku,
        Sebby want's a brother glynis
        Aug 4, 2017
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