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Discussion in 'Support' started by Antonio Narciso, Aug 2, 2015.

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      Acoustic trauma?/Degenerative servical disk?
      Hi everybody I am not sure if i have the hyperacusis because the sounds I percibe doesn't get louder than before but exposure to sounds when playing my instruments generate an horrible and long lasting headache, like a snake that is moving on my brain, this is how everything begun; I am suffering from tinnitus since 3 months ago. The first month was just the ringing. I had it soft during the daytime and loud at nights, it sounded like a white noise with different pitches and I could not sleep well during that period. Then after the 2 months of having just the tinnitus and getting use to it I begin to experience long period headaches every time I played musical instruments for more than one hour, after playing the tinnitus went way louder too. Still I am not so sure about the cause of the condition since I had a prolongated exposure to loud music while recording a piano using headphones a few days before the tinnitus started also a ball the size of a grape apear on the back of my neck one week before the tinnitus started. I am also suffering from cervical degenerative disc disease and every time I play an instrument for a long period I found the posture to be uncomfortable. I did the auditory test a couple of weeks ago and the hearing is almost normal with the exception of some high frequencies that I didn't hear. The reason I am writing in this group is to ask for advice about if I should take an 4,5 hours flight at this point of my condition, it is a flight I could pospone and I am scare that the tinnitus and headache will be irreversible worse after flying. Thanks for your time to read me and I will appreciate your comments on flying experiences and its effect over your tinnitus or hyperacusis. Love!
    2. H can cause headaches..yes..I won't comment on all your possible issues as I don't have energy..but i know several times people with h and t fly no problems..use "earplanes" follow instructions carefully. .and also while flying some headphones for less noise.

      Good luck and try not to worry too much. .give.a break with thing that is " usual" for h is it waxes and wanes in symptoms and intensity...many get better..but your ears need rest!
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      I recommend noise cancelling headphones. They work wonders to keep everything super quiet. You don't hear the jet engines at all. I used them last year and will be using them again in a couple of weeks. I won't fly without them. Also, chew gum on taking off and landing.
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