Advice On Managing Recovery From Sonic Blasts

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jason123, May 17, 2014.

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      Hello folks!

      I have noise-induced tinnitus, which occasionally takes on an edge of hyperacusis. I'm keen to play the H down here, though, because it seems that mine is nothing compared to the H that some poor folk experience.

      It feels like my ears have become vulnerable to 'injury' from loud sounds. I have specially moulded earplugs with two sets of filters (one for loud pubs, the other for gigs) but occasionally I mess up and get a blast which leaves my ears in a bit of a state for a while. These situations have included (1) wearing the wrong filter in one ear at a gig; (2) flying to Spain with the earplugs in (before realising, thanks to the folks here, that those kind of plugs can mess up your ears on a flight!); and most recently (3) wearing the 'loud pub' filters to what promised to be a quiet theatre play, only for there to be a ludicrously loud piece of music at the start.

      Situation (3) has left me feeling, once again, like my inner ears are bruised. Occasionally I feel a bit dizzy and sick. The tinnitus seems a little more prominent, but funnily enough, in this situation the T becomes secondary compared to the physical sensations which affect my work more. I'm also stressed because of work, which may be a contributing factor.

      Anyway, finally, let me stop babbling and ask what I want to know! If anyone recognises this 'recovery' period from an ear blast, could they share their thoughts on the best way to facilitate it and prevent setbacks? I'm flying to Spain for a holiday again next Friday, so it would be great to be in the best possible position by then.

      For instance: I gather that, with hyperacusis it's good not to over-protect your ears. In this situation, though, where my ears are recovering and feel bruised/sensitive, would it be best to wear my 'loud pub' earplugs whenever I go out on the street for a while, to prevent setbacks?
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      Some people in here would argue for a complete protection after these incidents (wearing it on streets and everywhere you go for healing) and others who have had h as a result of overuse like that argue the complete opposite.
      I'm myself in a situation trying to prevent further damage which I fear damages my h - Few days ago I went shopping with molded earplugs all day, and I found myself thinking that I hardly at any point noticed my t, even while being closed in with it, as the earplugs ruled out my anxiety, I had absolutely no problem.
      However I drive my bike on streets filled with loud busses and trucks, walk into shop with loud music to reenter the streets overpopulated with loud performers, I'd love to know too others thoughts on balancing it
    3. I wear protection out in loud places such as shopping etc. I did the no plug thing (but cotton) when felt great (h almost gone) I am now worse off. No one here can really tell you what to do. There are differing on opinions. I just do what feels best right now. My ears are still recovering.
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      Noise induced
      The thing is Lynn, that you were actually able to almost get rid of your H. To me, that proves that you can (and will) do it again. :)
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    5. I sure hope so @lapidus..h can be quite mysterious. I know many on this board seem to have fleeting h, but it's not the case for all.

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