After a Loud High-Pitched Noise from Headphones, Ear Feels Irritated, Warm, Itchy, Fatigued and More

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      Hi everyone.

      Almost two weeks ago I was using my headphones and a loud high pitched noise occurred. This has resulted in some issues with one of my ears. Initially when the loud noise occurred it left me me hearing music differently, this being it sounded different to normal feeling like my ear had fatigue and my ear felt itchy. I used my glasses arm to scratch it.

      The next day in the affected ear, regular sound sounded slightly tinny as if I was listening to things in a hollow room. I did not use my headphones for two days but I have been having more issues since. My ear has been feeling warm and also itchy at times, sound had my ear feeling as if it was fatigued, my ear would feel full, it felt like I had something in my ear and when I would sleep on my affected ear it would also exacerbate this feeling.

      I had tried to use olive oil drops in my ear initially for a day and a half which helped with the blocked feeling but then my ear started to have a slight pain so I moved to using an ear spray for outer ear infections. My ear had gotten better until I used my speakers with an earphone in the unaffected ear which seems to have made the affected ear feel very irritated again. I also get a sensation where my ear feels it needs to pop which it slightly does if I move my jaw, this also temporarily feels like air can pass through my ear. However now when I have the urge to burp, the affected ear feels like air is going to pass through but it does not and gives me a slight pain. Also when moving around I can feel air pass through freely in my unaffected ear but my affected ear feels like air is not passing through.

      I do not have any ringing or sounds in my ears and I can still hear through both of my ears but there is clearly an issue. I won't be able to see a doctor until nearly a month and would like some help as to what it possibly could be and what I can do in the meantime as it has become quite bothersome. Thank you.
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