After I Say Something or Yell, I Get a Whooshing Sound for a Short Moment

Discussion in 'Support' started by carolinemajer, Jul 29, 2021.

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      It doesn't happen all the time I say something but especially after I yell there is a whooshing sound for a really short moment like it's reacting to my yelling. Does anybody know what it is, please?
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      Several causes
      My guess is it could be a reaction to occlusion coupled with a blocked Eustachian tube or altered pressure inside your ears.
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      Tensor Tympani muscle I'd guess. I should contract before speaking, eating etc so you don't hear your voice etc loud in your head.

      Mine makes a crumply noise after speaking... I've heard others say theirs makes a whooshing noise. Nothing to worry about.

      Strange thing for me is one side does it (my good side), the other side doesn't (my bad side) which makes me even more sure I have TTTS.

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