After Two Years Tinnitus Has Improved Greatly

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Austin1789, Mar 3, 2016.

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      Hi everyone, for about 2 years I've had ringing in my ear. Today I went to a ENT doctor and found the problem. There was a lot of earwax in there and then in the office I had it removed. As soon as it was removed I've noticed almost 80% of the tinnitus is gone! It's a little sore but nothing bad and I can't believe I waited two years for this. Please do yourself a favor and if you haven't yet make a appointment. While most of my T is gone I really hope this is all this was and over the next week I hope it will get to be back to normal. Good luck all!
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      Listening to in-ear headphones & playing in a band
      I've got something to add to this that I've come to realize. I hope this doesn't sound to complex to you but this post fits my justification.

      - The brain tries its absolute best to adapt to your symptom. It tries to block out the internal noise that has been created by basically not focusing on those areas associated with "Tinnitus". Your hearing comes into play since ear wax was involved. You said your Tinnitus has resolved by 80% and you really don't notice it as much. In fact though, the actual symptom hasn't resolved at all because ear wax doesn't cause "Tinnitus". There is a simple explanation and it goes like this........

      - "Tinnitus" resolves in the brain. Studies have shown this. Tinnitus has also been very much connected with emotional processing. Hearing is emotional processing. Therefore, your Tinnitus is coming from the auditory portion of your brain. Now here is the kicker........

      - Extra ear wax in the ear doesn't allow one to fully pick up all the sound waves produced outside them. This means that the hair cells of the inner ear weren't able to pick up all the frequencies of the outside world. With the brain trying to adapt to "Tinnitus" by blocking out the internal noise created it wasn't able to pick up more of the external noises created from the world because of the ear wax blocking your ear canal(s). Therefore in the end, you are now able to pick up more of outside noises much more as your brain does not allow you "hear" as much of the "Tinnitus" like you did before since now it's receiving much more incoming stimulation without the ear wax in the way of sound.

      I know this isn't something you want to hear but I'm just justifying something scientifically that makes sense through what I've been reading and experiencing myself. I'm glad you think things have gotten better for you though!
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      It does make sense, I get what you mean and if I listen carefully I can still hear it but it's no where as bad
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      Acoustic Trauma
      But if there is a loss of certain frequencies due to ear wax that is a reversible condition; it's not like he loss of hair cells or nerve connections in the case of acoustic trauma which is permanent. In the loss of auditory input the brain sometimes produces a sound to compensate, but if you can restore that portion of hearing, that loss that created the tinnitus in the first place, it wouldn't surprise me if the tinnitus went away with time.

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