After Waking Up Today, Ringing Is the Loudest Ever

Discussion in 'Support' started by Andy9214, Aug 9, 2019.

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      I've been having ringing in my right ear for the past months. It's been off and on - high pitched, but not so loud and at other times so bad it's like a whistle blowing in my ear.

      I woke up today and it's the loudest it's ever been. Sounds like a high pitched whistle going through the entire side of my head. My hearing is fine, but it feels like I can't hear due to the ringing.

      Is there any way to calm this down? I'm trying to play it cool and not freak out about it because I know that'll make it worse. It also is changing tones, like I'll hear different tones at the same time.

      Also, any masking techniques like listening to white noise, or putting the radio on doesn't help it makes the ringing louder.

      Any suggestions or words of advice? I'm not sure what to do. I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I'm scared this'll ruin the trip.
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    2. CricketEars

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      Maybe you slept on your neck wrong? If I do that or clean her my jaw during sleep, my T is way louder when I wake up in the morning. But it always goes back to baseline at some point
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      I am sorry you are experiencing this.

      I've had tinnitus now for four years and I too, just woke up with a ragging noise in my right year that was never there before.

      Hope it goes back down to "normal" soon, for you and me both :p
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    4. John Mahan

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      Add me to the list. I too woke up with loud tinnitus after having previous days of lower T.

      This happens to me from time to time. I have no explanation.

      What to do because myself and countless others with this condition have had the same thing happen?

      Because I have been through it so many times, it starts with belief. Belief it will come down. Mine always does but can stay loud for quite a while. Sometimes it comes down soon and sometimes it seems to stay loud for a couple of days.

      How do I cope? I 'try' to live my life. The only way to live with the elephant in the room in my experience is acceptance. This takes practice and unfortunately we get too much of it on this forum.

      Distraction is the best medicine. Your vacation...being around others and changed environment maybe just what the doctor ordered.

      Choose hopefulness, this will be the best vacation ever. Fun you have may push your tinnitus completely into the background.

      There is a saying that goes like this. In the absence of not knowing the future which none of us do, why not choose positivity that things will be better and not worse? You have no data that says this isn't the case.

      Have fun.
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      Have you tried deep breathing? In for 5 seconds, then out for at least 5 seconds? I've just found this switches off some of my multiple tones around 2 - 3 kHz which I get if I yawn or turn over too abruptly. Just repeat for 4 or 5 breaths and be sure to breathe from your diaphragm. Lots of vids on YouTube on this.

      Also the sound files from, or those from Tinnitus Works on YouTube or Spotify. Search these forums for the top recommendations.

      Good luck!

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