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Discussion in 'Support' started by demi, Feb 4, 2014.

    1. demi
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      Has anyone has this done and has it spiked your T?
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    2. I who love music

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      I had a filling and a wisdom tooth extraction both in the last couple months. That's a lot of noise. I didn't have a negative effect.
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      Hi, the ATA says the air abrasion is almost silent. I quit my regular dentist, because by luck, I read about it on this forum, and they gave the ATA link. Then I phoned around my small town here, and by some miracle, there is a dentist that has the air abrasion. when it first came out it was very expensive, so they used the cheap and noisy drill. at this point, I would rather have an extraction than drilling, so I was real lucky I had a dentist that does this in my town.

      Air abrasion is perfect for a tinnitus patient, but get your teeth check very regularly and brush, because it will not work if the cavity is too big.
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    4. AUTHOR
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      @object16 so how did the air abrasion go? no side effects?
    5. Vicky Russell

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      I had my air abrasion last year during my summer vacation in Mexico with a help of a dental tourism ( PlacidWay ) , it's more cheaper than at home. But air abrasion can only be used for small cavities, it cannot be used to remove large cavities. Don't worry it's a safe procedure, there is no side effect. The procedure doesn’t generate any heat, pressure as well as sound which is really good for us.
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