Airplane? Tinnitus? Blood?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Joel31, Aug 18, 2018.

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      So this is kind of a strange thing, but just recently I remembered something very weird that used to happen to my ears as a child, and was wondering if anyone knows what it was, and if you maybe experienced it? So, I was a little trouble maker. I remember every single time I was yelled at for, let's say a period of 15 seconds, that I would get a sensation, and sound of air pushing out of my ears. It was actually so loud, that I couldn't even hear what my mum or dad were yelling at me about a lot of the time. I would start of hearing them, but then the air or rushing sound would become so incredibly loud.

      The reason I even remembered this is because about a week ago I noticed something very similar. It is nothing like my screaming tinnitus, but more like a very low (exhaust fan) type of noise that has really started bugging me. I can barely deal with one noise let alone another entirely different one. I have had it in the past on and off, but it went away very fast. This time it has decided to stay. Anyone know what I mean? Is this just blood rushing? Or air? I get pretty intense pressure in my ears sometimes. I did have a cat scan a couple of days ago (unrelated issue) which came back clear. Surely they would be able to see if something was wrong there.

      This is how ridiculous it is... I woke up this morning and I ask my wife; Can you hear that? Is that an airplane or what.. What the heck. Keep in mind I have incredibly sensitive hearing which is probably strange considering the constant high pitched T.. I can hear trains, 'real airplanes' or other very distant things that most people cannot. Maybe I will walk around the house and put my ear on different parts of the wall o_O
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