Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (AiWS) — It Was Trippy Y'all

Discussion in 'Health Talk' started by Tavia R, Jun 5, 2020.

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      K so I've heard about this disorder and I though it had sounded cool as hell, but it's so rare it's just one of those things you hear about and just forget you know?

      Well I'm sitting in my room last night just typing on my computer when I look up and lo and behold my shelves by the door way are shrinking, going 2 dimensional, warping, twirling, bouncing closer then shooting back farther away again. Scared the crap out of me so I look away, over to my vanity where I have magazines propped up and facing me and they're doing the exact same thing. My better homes and gardens is no longer a rectangle and 8 feet away but is a wiggly blob, bouncing around, and getting farther away or shrinking; I couldn't tell which. I'm looking back and forth between the shelves and vanity going what in the crap is going on when I remember this is Alice in Wonderland syndrome, I had seen it before on a TV show and I was so interested I researched it. I'm almost positive it was the Mentalist, though this looked absolutely nothing like that (I'm not judging, I couldn't recreate a adequate description with words let alone with animation for a TV show).

      Anyways, that was at 1:21 AM (of course I documented exactly what went down, had to tell the doc) and at 8AM when the neurologist opened I called them. The lady at the front desk knows me and she knows that I don't do phone calls because of my hyperacusis, she helped me set up my online messaging system so I can do written communication with my doctor, so when called and I'm like honey it's Tavia, it's an emergency, I just had an Alice, she told me to jump in the car and come straight down and she'd get me in immediately.

      So yeah, all this crap is just my migraines. Yeah, my whole life being ruined right now - the hyperacusis, fake visual snow, incapacitating nausea, and everything that I'm dealing with because of it: depression, the fact I'm getting tested for bipolar this week, stuck in my house 24/7 (my neighbors are reroofing right now) - is all because of these migraines causing everything else. Ay, give me a break, mais c'est la vie.

      But I do have to say, if this happens again, now that I know that they're harmless visual problems caused by my jerk off migraines and they can't hurt me, they could actually be kind of fun.
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