Almost 2 months with tinnitus now

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RevMarine, Dec 7, 2013.

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      Hey! After attending a concert on the 11th of October, standing right next to speakers without ear plugs (followed 2 days later by the Metallica film at the IMAX, oops) and then getting a virus later the next week, I have unresolved unilateral (right ear) tinnitus along with ear cracking, popping and the like. The first time I saw a GP he said it was just a virus but a month after that I saw another one who suggested a hearing test. I have loss at 6000hz in my right ear but the loss is in the middle ear, not the inner one (nerves are fine).
      The T is a low hiss and fairly easy to deal with so I'm optimistic about everything, whether it resolves or not I think this is relatively easy to live with. Right now I'm just looking for a group of people who understand what it's like.
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      Who Knows
      Hi Rev, well you came to the right place. I sure hope the T stay low or goes away....

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