AM-101 — Asking for Your Experiences Before Entering Phase 3

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      Hi All,

      I am 30, female, Canadian and have had tinnitus due to a loud noise event for the last four months. It is several different sounds mingling together and has disrupted my life about an 8 out of 10.

      I have a spot to enter the AM101 trial but can't find the journal articles or more detailed information about results and side effects. If I understand it correctly I will be one of chronic test patients.

      Thank you for the warm welcome to this support group and may I ask others who have tried Am101 injections to respond with their experience? I am very sensitive and will not handle it well if the tinnitus is increased, trying to decide in the next week.

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      It is four weeks after my second set of injections. I am positive I did not get placebo first set and the second set have improved the tinnitus level further. I am having a third set in May and fourth set around August. At this stage I am very pleased with the improvement and have stopped noticing the tinnitus sometimes. My level was very loud and affecting my mood and lifestyle. Also if any of you have really loud tinnitus you will know that when you wake up in a morning it is at the loudest and also what you eat can make the difference between a low volume day or loud day. Well with the improvement both of these senarios have reduced noticably. I am hoping the final two sets of injections reduce the tinnitus even further although I cannot see it stopping completely. If however it ends up a low volume level I can tolerate that until someone comes out with a drug that completely switches it off in a few years. I think this is very likely due to the sudden influx of different trials coming forth. I also think those listening devices like mutebutton and that ridiculously expensive £4000 device the tinnitus clinic have been promoting are non starters because people don't want to be listening to headphones for hours per day. Hopefully one of these methods like AM101 will be fine tuned and turn it off completely in one treatment or maybe Autifony will work once they have adjusted the dosage / strength?
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