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Discussion in 'Support' started by Marie79, Aug 31, 2017.

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      Hi guys,

      I think what works for me is constant background noise. What systems do you guys have in place for this as you walk around your house?

      I am thinking of getting a surround sound system. Does that seem crazy? I think I really messed myself up by TRYING to be in silence because I saw that many success stories encompassed that.

      Newbies, don't TRY to sit in silence to see if you can stand it. At least that is my advice.

      Also whatever works for other people, that is great but I will say what DID NOT work for me was keeping background noise just below the tinnitus and waiting for habituation. It never came. I think for me, habituation will just be never being in silence (although I understand that can be different for others.

      As others have pointed out this youtube video seems to be the best at masking. I play it constantly:

      10 Hour Best Tinnitus Sound Therapy Ever
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      Bottom line is you have to do what works for YOU, and based on your post you already realize that. What works for me might not work for millions of others. What do I do? Listen to podcasts (400+ and counting), audiobooks, and music during the day and white noise makers (combo of white noise and crickets and train sounds) at night. I *love* podcasts because I can find whatever I feel like listening to at any given moment and they're all free. I can get free audiobooks from OverDrive, and there are plenty of free music apps. I'd go nuts listening to white noise during the day and it wouldn't be enough to keep my mind off the T. I found a way to rarely think about my T but that took some time. It *can* be done.

      Thanks for sharing what works for you. It's a reminder that we all need to figure out what works for us. There isn't a cure-all solution for everyone.

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